Interesting note in the initiative:

Residents of a state other than Washington may purchase rifles
and shotguns, except those firearms defined as semiautomatic assault
rifles, in Washington: PROVIDED, That such residents conform to the
applicable provisions of the federal Gun Control Act of 1968....

Maybe someone with more legal experience can chime in, but isn't this effectively a violation of prohibition against creation of interstate trade barriers and a cut and dry violation of the commerce clause? Something any Federal Court regardless of political leaning would throw out...
It surprises me that more gun shops don't speak up and help fight these initiative's.

You would think, right? Our problem is that there are gun store owners here in WA, like Jason Cazes @LowPriceGuns (who supported I-594) and Michael Friedmann of Kopfjager arms (Lakewood, WA), that are actively calling for more gun control laws, both locally and nationally. Both most likely support I-1639, as it's what both have been calling for.

To me, it's more surprising that pro gun people are supporting at businesses that want to restrict the rights of those same gun buyers/owners. It boggles my mind that their still in business........................


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