Discount may refer to:
Discounts and allowances, reductions to the basic prices of goods or services
Discounting, a financial mechanism in which a debtor obtains the right to delay payments to a creditor
Discount (band), a punk rock band that formed in Vero Beach, Florida, in 1995 and disbanded in 2000
Discount (film), a French comedy-drama film

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  1. S

    List of Brownells discount codes for Measure 114

    Here is the big list of brownells discount codes. From 10% off, all the way to $20-$150 off depending on how much you spend. Incase people wanted to stock up on magpul Pmags Gen 2 Pmags...
  2. E

    Sharing is caring!

    Got some Sportsmans discount codes for a set of guns I am not interested in. These are all one time use coupon codes you will have to use on their website Hunting, Shooting Sports, Fishing, Outdoor Gear | Sportsman's Warehouse First come first serve so have at it. Winchester SXP hybrid Turkey...
  3. Landhawk Arms

    New Gun Store in Town

    Hello Fellow Gun Lovers, My name is Bryan (Landhawk) and I just opened Landhawk Arms. I have been buying/selling/trading here on Northwest Firearms for a couple of years now. So I decided to go and get my FFL and open my own shop. I am starting small with an online store and hopefully will...
  4. bgdawgrr

    Primary Arms discount?

    I’m cheap and want a PA 1x6 ACSS for a 7.62. Cant seem to find anyone discounting MSRP. Anyone know a link to a deal?
  5. Hal OPeridol

    Cabela's cancels Military/Veterans Discount.

    Just came home from Cabela's. If you were Active Duty or a Veteran, they used to offer a 5% discount on purchases. No longer. Suck it up guys. The long arm of Bass Pro Shop is seriously affecting Cabela's. Besides the loss of the 5% discount, the high muckity-mucks at Bass Pro Shops have also...
  6. trikerdon

    Federal Way Discount Guns & Indoor Range

    Has anyone utilized this range? Any problems with it?....
  7. rdb241

    28 handguns and 3 rifles stolen from Federal Way Discount Guns

    I have not seen a post about this so I hope it is not a double post. I know Moe the owner and I have been doing biz with him since back in the 90's. He has always treated me good. A group of 4 people smashed in a window in what is called the classroom. Then they made there way to the show room...
  8. Joe Link

    Business discounts for members of Northwest Firearms

    Over the years we've had a few businesses generously offer discounts to members of Northwest Firearms. The issue is we've never had a place to reference these discounts, until now! We'll use this thread to keep track of these discounts if and when they come along. Businesses willing to give...
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