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  1. Lennie

    US military guns keep vanishing, some used in street crimes

  2. S

    Police / Military Handedness

    This might not be in the right forum, but I was watching Bosch last night for the 3rd time. In the series, he's a dead left-hander. But he shoots right-handed and has his holster on the right side. In real life, are lefties trained to shoot only right handed so that there can be a common...
  3. M

    Military move to Vancouver

    Hello, my wife and I Just moved to Vancouver yesterday after driving for 3 days. I'm active army working in the area. I love to Pew and open to any advice in areas to shoot, Shops that take care of military, etc. FYI-I miss my ffl in Dallas, TX that never charged me a dime for transfers 😭...
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