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  1. DirectDrive

    Eugene Stoner Video

    The Captain's Journal » Eugene Stoner: The Man Behind The Gun
  2. RicInOR

    Other State  RONALD EUGENE DUBERRY, ET AL., APPELLEES v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, APPELLANT$file/18-7102-1788696.pdf Federal law authorizes retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms all over the country (subject to some conditions), overriding state and local laws to the...
  3. M

    Eugene gun show this weekend

    Haven't heard much about It anybody know what vendors will be there?
  4. C

    Looking for a good FFL In Eugene for a person to person transfer

    Looking for a good FFL source for a person to person firearms transfer in Eugene. Trying to find someone that charges $25.00 dollars. $15.00 for the FFL holder & $10.00 to the state. Thank you
  5. T

    good place to shoot around eugene

    so i just moved back to OR about 2 yrs ago and now im in need a good place to go shooting. im not looking for a range. i am looking to some where i can drive out to and shoot with my little girl and i can shoot out to 500 yards or more. can any one point me out to a good place around me. i...
  6. conditor22

    Antifa Attacks: IEDs Found At Eugene, OR Police Headquarters After Shooting

    Antifa Attacks: IEDs Found At Eugene, OR Police Headquarters After Shooting Antifa Attacks: IEDs Found At Eugene, OR Police Headquarters After Shooting - The Truth About Guns
  7. colekpalmer

    Any good Eugene shooting spots?

    Just picked up my first shotgun and some ammo, and wanted to find a good secluded area to do some shooting near Eugene/Springfield. When I was learning how to shoot my uncle would take me just outside of Bend to BLM land and there were dozens of makeshift ranges amongst the Buttes that you could...
  8. U

    Oregon  20 yr old Eugene, OR man attempts to gun down girlfriend outside Valley River Center Shopping Mall

    A 20 yr old man from Eugene, OR by the name of Ashton Isaiah Johnson, fired six shots from a handgun at his girlfriend, outside the Valley River Center Shopping Mall yesterday afternoon. A witness called police, as the woman ran inside the shopping mall, pursued by her boyfriend. Eugene police...
  9. MilitantBEEMER

    Eugene Gun Show September 8 & 9 Lane Event Center

    Eugene Gun & Knife Show Dates Sep 8th – 9th, 2018 City/State Eugene, OR Hours Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm Sunday: 10:00am - 3:00pm Admission General: $8.00 Children 12 & under: Free Description The Eugene Gun & Knife Show will be held next on Sep 8th-9th, 2018 with additional shows on Oct...
  10. U

    Oregon  Dozen Eugene Police Officers respond to report of a man carrying a rifle at an office building

    A dozen heavily armed Eugene Police Officers responded Tuesday to a report of a man carrying a black colored rifle in a sling near an office complex. When they arrived, all they discovered was a local freelance videographer, who had been hired to record some video at the office building. The...
  11. Oregunian

    Hello from Eugene!

    Hey guys, I'm just a truck driver in Eugene. I enjoy collecting and shooting uncommon firearms. I stumbled across these forums while doing research on a rifle and wanted to be part of this awesome community. That's pretty much it, I think. Looking forward to contributing my knowledge and...
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