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  1. CountryGent

    Handgun sports most germane to preparedness?

    As most know (and some love) there are a great variety of shooting sports featuring the handgun, such as bullseye, IPSC, IDPA, steel challenge, ICORE, metallic silhouettes, CAS, bowling pins, etc. Beyond the fun factor, which ones do you think are most germane to preparation for a disaster...
  2. Nick Burkhardt

    Other State  Don't try to snatch and run at a gun store

    February 26, 2019 / Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA "Three alleged criminals tried to run out of the gun store with guns in hand, Caleb jumped over the counter and slapped the gun out of one of the guys standing there and then chased after the other two as they ran out the front door. Kelley saw...
  3. 9mm guy

    Is there a big difference between Unique vs Bullseye powder? 9mm Powder recommendation?

    I know these are two of the more popular powders, especially for 9mm. The cost between them are similar. For all you experienced reloaders who may know, is there much difference or advantage between the two? They must be different somehow, otherwise they would not be two separate powders. Also...
  4. R

    Bullseye or similar precision pistol match

    I live in Bandon, a long drive from the north of the state, so I wonder whether there are any Air, 22 or centerfire precision shooting leagues in the PNW region - possibly with postal system? I know that there are Cowboy Action events in Florence (not my style) and Steel Challenge at Medford...
  5. R

    Rock River Arms 1911 Bullseye Wadcutter

    After an 8 month wait my RRA 1911 competition pistol arrived this weekend. Bullseye Wadcutter I’ll be using it for Precision Pistol (aka Bullseye) matches at TCGC. My old Bob Chow custom wadcutter will go into well earned honorable retirement. No sights come with this gun. It’s made for...
  6. lonegunman

    Idaho State 2700 Pistol match (bullseye)

    The Idaho State 2700 Pistol match is coming up March 24 in Bonners Ferry. At the Kootenai Valley Rifle and Pistol Club, 66023 Highway 2, Bonners Ferry Idaho 83805. Call or text (2082901151) or email [email protected] Tom Daniel For those of you with an interest, this is an indoor 25yd...
  7. gun.deals

    Zombie,Isis Head Target,IPSC Bullseye Torso,10" Bullseye,6" Gong - $204 shipped

    Zombie Target, Isis Head Target, IPSC Bullseye Torso, 10" AR500 Bullseye Target + FREE 6" AR500 Gong - $204.15 w/code "pumpkin" (Free S/H over $99)
  8. gun.deals

    Zombie, Isis Head Target, IPSC Bullseye Torso, 10" Bullseye + Free 6" Gong - $235 FS

    Zombie Target, Isis Head Target, IPSC Bullseye Torso, 10" AR500 Bullseye Target + FREE 6" AR500 Gong - $235 w/code "SLICKGUNS" (Free S/H over $99)
  9. HuckleberryFun

    Brass Catcher On Bullseye Pistol Box

    I just ordered a CMM Ultimate Brass Catcher so I can mount it on my Strong Case bullseye box and have a convenient "grab and go" pistol box with everything all together. Also, I'm tired of bending over to pick up spent brass. I see other Bullseye shooters on the firing line with them and looks...
  10. HuckleberryFun

    Velzey Approved Bob Chow 1911 Wad Gun

    Just got back from a visit with @Velzey who has been working on one of my Bullseye guns: a 1918 vintage Model of 1911 customized by Bob Chow sometime in the late 1940s (one of his early pieces). Velzey replaced the spring and sear, etc, and gave it a thorough going over. Nice guy and does good...
  11. Crohnos01

    Bullseye in Chargemaster

    I bought a RCBS Chargemaster about a year ago and have been using it mostly to throw loads for rifles... 7mm, .243, 22-250, etc. although I did load some .45 ACP as well. Powders I have used range from H4831 to H380, and Unique. Everything has performed swimmingly until last weekend...
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