Trap or Traps may refer to:
Trap, Carmarthenshire, a hamlet in Wales
Giovanni Trapattoni (born 1939), Italian association football coach and former player also known as sometimes known as "Trap" or "Il Trap"
Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel, a U.S. military term for a rescue mission to retrieve a downed aircraft
TRAP law ("Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers"), a type of legislation used to restrict abortion providers
a pejorative term for a person who passes so well as female that they could be chosen as partner despite having unexpected (male-typical) genitalia, implying deceitful intention on the part of the person
Slang for crack house

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  1. Will_White

    National  Solvent Trap Barrel Extension?

    I recently was gifted a 300BO pistol upper. With the brace rules up in the air still, preferring a real stock, and planning on suppressing it down the line, I'm wanting to get a solvent trap tube and end cap(s) to pin and weld onto the pistol barrel to get to 16"+ then in the future file the...
  2. C

    Constitutional Carry may have a trap built in.

    Essentially, the trap is gun free zones such as schools (must be outside 1,000 feet to be legal unless have permit/license) Previously, these laws would have exceptions for carry licensees/permit carriers.. but with Constitutional Carry/permit less carry, there may not be such exceptions and...
  3. raphaelbittar

    Left handed shotguns for trap shooting

    what are some good left handed shotguns for trap shooting that's not a over under style?
  4. BigStick

    Trap gun for daughter (need advice)

    My daughter is going to join her school's trap team and I'm looking into a new shotgun for her. She is 12 years old, 5'3" and about 110lb. She shoots my ARs, but doesn't have much experience with anything bigger. I was thinking a 20ga semi-auto might be best for reduced recoil, but am open...
  5. arakboss

    Ospreys = Death Trap?

    Another Osprey went down.
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