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  1. Koolbak

    Help ID / value my rifle!

    Hey my dad dug this rifle out. Unbelievably, I didn't know (and he forgot) he had it Remington 7mm magnum. Grandad bought new in 1962. Hunted a few times. Gave to dad who hunted a few times, then went to his 270 (which my son now owns). Dad thinking of selling 7mm. We know nothing...
  2. N

    Colt buntline box value

    Any idea if this box is worth anything?
  3. R

    Springfield Armory M1A value

    I purchased an M1A loaded in a walnut stock for my son last March this week, I got an email from the dealer in Kentucky offering to buy back our M1A for full price never heard of such thing before until I checked the availability and price of M1A loaded today price has gone up 25% since last...
  4. Caveman Jim

    Need help finding the value of German C96

    This is out of my league but I am wanting to find the value of a German C96 chambered in 7.63x25. It appears to be in rough condition and only one pic, so there’s that.;) Any help is extremely appreciated.
  5. kmk1012

    Original Saiga Value These Days.

    I have an original (OG) Saiga, made in Russia, from when they were first getting imported, around 1999 if I recall correctly. It’s chambered in 7.62x39 and has not been converted or modified in any way. It’s been a rugged and reliable gun but time to move on. I’d say it’s in 90% overall...
  6. P

    Quality and Value

    I have several black powder rifles and have no idea of value. Someone wants to buy one and tells me to figure out how much I want for it. Obviously I don't know much about these long rifles but expect that they are pretty plain jane versions. I hate to let anyone know that I have firearms in...
  7. L

    Bayonets value

    I am going through boxes of stuff I have all over and thinning my herd of duplicates and things I’m just not interested in. I have all of the pictures bayonets I’d like to sell but no clue how to value them of where to look for value. Thought you fine folks might be able to help out? Some I am...
  8. A

    Value by weight of partial containers of powder vs full containers.

    If a given powder is selling for $3 an oz for a new full container what amount of discount (if any) should be given per oz for a partial container of the same type of powder?
  9. JB11rx

    Value? Shepard 310-P1

    So I've had this scope for a minute and I'm looking to move it but cant figure out a value. It came on a gun I purchased and have since sold. It's in great condition with Paperwork but no box. Any idea what I could get for it? I've googled and seen some prices for when it was new but looks...
  10. Idaholandman

    .30 Carbine 'Spam Can' value?

    Hey NWF folks I just bought a WWII Winchester USGI Carbine and was interested in your estimate of value to buy an 800 round sealed can of M1 Ball ammo? I'm not likely to be using it soon as the rifle and ammo will be a stash for the lake cabin and will be for the " who knows when' the...
  11. WTC

    Value of 8# of H335? Not selling I'm looking at buying

    Saw an 8lb jug of H335 for $240 today. I didn't grab it but feeling like I should have. Thoughts?
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