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  1. 24killinit

    Ruger 22/45 hunter target 10121 value

    I’m looking for any info on this 22/45’s value Digging online a bit I can’t seem to find any examples of recently sold ones. I’m wondering if this is a unique gun or if I’m just bad at the internet.
  2. bionic knees

    1913 savage 99 30-30 value

    beat up old rifle that I think can be brought back, pretty rough shape right now, what kind of value should be applied? third from the bottom. thanks guys.
  3. devossc

    Asking about real value on pre 64 model 70 winchester abd 60s Rem 700

    Hi guys, I'm just trying to get a rough value on a 1950 very nice condition Winchester model 70 30-06. Was dads, but I shoot a Seko from my grandpa so unsure if I'm going to keep or not. I've heard of the pre 64s being exceptional rifles. And will admit it has very nice action. Anyways. Trying...
  4. Awrig6

    Browning BAR safari mk2 338wm and Leupold varix3 value?

    Just stumbled into another gun collection i ended up buying. This is the crown of the collection. Looks brand new. Any idea what something like this would be worth? Topped with a Leupold varix3 4-14x with an adjustable objective, so an older model. I see similar guns going for 1500-2k on...
  5. 3MTA3

    Arken Optics - High Value Precision Scopes

    2022 is the year I'm branching into long range marksmanship. In my search for gear within my budget I ran across some videos about the Arken 4-16 and 6-25 SHA series scopes. The reviews and budget price, $400 and $450 respectively were both intriguing but seemed too good to be true. Then I ran...
  6. Josha0459

    Springfield Mil Spec Defender value

    Hey everyone, I'm considering selling my Springfield 1911 Mil Spec Defender in .45acp. I'm not sure what would be reasonable of me to ask for it, its only shot about 3 boxes of ammo, has 2 extra mags, and about 150 rounds of RNFMJ for target practice. If anyone has an idea please let me know! I...
  7. CountryGent

    Diamonds (and related) as a store of value?

    Something I have encountered in the studies of history (not the least of which during the Big One, and the conflicts in the Interwar period) is folks having to flee bad spots. Some did so with little more than the clothes on their back, while others fared better. Transporting a store of wealth...
  8. D

    Value of Savage M93 Classic .17 HMR?

    Got this awhile back in a trade, beautiful rifle, and I was intrigued by the cartridge. I've since figured out it doesn't really fill a niche in my arsenal, so I'd like to send it on down the road to help finance a new AR build. From what I've been able to find, it was Savage's top of the line...
  9. bentoncity

    Savage 340/30-30 Value of this rifle? Some kind of Value?

    I have to price out some stuff for a friend to probably sell. I'm not really finding any values for this rifle. Can anyone offer up an idea of the value..I know it depends on condition etc. etc. but I'm looking for some kind of idea. The values I've seen are 250~600 and all across the board. I'm...
  10. marion carmen

    Looking for help on model 99f value

    I recently picked up a Savage Model 99f with a 22in barrel chambered in 308 and need help putting a fair value on it. From what I found it was manufactured in 1965 I believe and the f means it was drilled and tapped at the factory for scope mount. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. R

    Winchester 92 Value and Insights Serial 288xxx

    After so many insightful comments on my last post I thought I'd post this 92 for insights. It's chambered in 32 WCF. Has a 20" barrel. Rear sight looks to me to have been added later. Everything else looks original. Serial dates at 1905 based on online searches? It weights 5.75 pounds.
  12. Techfixer87

    Model 70 opinions on value.

    Hoping to get opinions on cash value and trade value. I'm horrible at deciding trade value. Thanks in advance for any that comment A 1954 Winchester Model 70 chambered in .270 Win. Includes the glass which is a 70's Bushnell Banner 3-9x with perfect glass. Small surface scuffing/rubbing...
  13. P7M13

    Value of 1956 quarter?

    Yesterday, under my reloading bench, I found a Philadelphia mint 1956 quarter, in OK condition. It's my brother's birth year, so wanted to give it to him. I understand the Philly mint pieces are less common,so what's its approximate worth? As always, thanks for any info.
  14. Knobgoblin

    Current colt SP1 value. Very decent condition

    Saw a very clean example of a slick side SP1 today in my travels, looking correct and complete ( did not examine barrel). It would be under 2 grand, even with WA sales tax. Should I go back and get it? It's not really my thing, but I know they're drying up.
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