1. Howard1955

    Boat-Tail Ruger M77 Mark 2 30-06 Value?

    I’m scouring the interwebs to see how much these rifles are selling for nowadays. I know some folks collect these Zytel-stock rifles - but this one is a shooter, not a pristine collectible. Just the rifle, scope rings, and sling. What do you all reckon it’s worth? Thanks, all. (This is just...
  2. JohnH

    Information on SAKO Forester L579, value if known?

    I am trying to help a friend get some information and possible value range for a SAKO Forester L579 in .308 WIN. that is like new, still in the box. It has been shot, his dad shot a couple rounds himself and there are some Leupold scope mounts in the box as well. I have attached a bunch of...
  3. mpmax

    M1 Garand current value

    I’ve had my CMP service grade M1 Garand for 25 odd years and am considering selling it to fund a new Colt Python. It’s a Springfield Armory six digit receiver re-arsenal‘d in 1947. the walnut stock which is stamped from the Benicia Arsenal in Sonoma, California and the Mt. Rainier depot at...
  4. JadeFox

    Springfield 1903 in .30-08? Anyone ever hear of these. Value?

    Springfield 1903 in .30-08? Anyone ever hear of these? We have an opportunity to pick one of these up at a reasonable price. But how do we judge condition and value? What is a reasonable offer?
  5. Scouterman

    Finding the value of a 35 Rem model 141

    I have a Remington model 141 35 rem serial # 19735 barrel marks CG makes it April 1938 pre-war gun. It is missing the breech block and maybe other parts. I have not taken it apart! I have had it in the back of the closet for 20 years!
  6. thebigbaby

    Any know what this is and value?

    Grandpa wants me to post it for sale. I know it’s a 30-06 but that’s it. Curious if anyone on here knows. I think their pretty common cuz a buddy of mine just inherited one but also doesn’t know make/mode. Looks like s/n is under scope ring. “on” and “off” for bolt removal. I believe you top...
  7. parsons_12b

    Old Colt Collector Value

    Trying to figure out if this old Colt has any collectors value. It’s been refinished. Serial number research says it was made in 1904.
  8. oremike

    How would you value an existing business?

    First off I'm not looking to get out of the ammo business at least not yet. That being said, I am 66 and my wife can retire in another 6 years so we might want to do some traveling/snowbirding or whatever rather than run an ammo business. So how to value all this? I'd want to keep a few guns the...
  9. Help with ID and value Browning Light Twelve

    Hey folks I’m wondering if you could help me figure out how much this shotgun i have is worth. I’ve tried looking on different sites but see a wide range of prices. I also can’t figure out what year it was made. Thanks in advance
  10. ditchtiger

    Mosins of value

    4 of my best were traded in rather than let the kids have them and not maintain them. 1926 M91 converted to a 91/30, still in cosmoline, in the box with all matching accessories. 1956 Polish M44 in perfect condition M38 with Tiger Eye wood, original stock and a 91/56 All unfired refurbs but the...
  11. F

    High Standard Victor Value

    Just found out one of Grandpas old guns just surfaced with friend of family. He's a good guy. I want to pay him fair market value for it. Piece is a High Standard Victor model. SN ML04XXX Good to very good condition. With box and paperwork. Box reads Victor Military Auto Target Pistol 22...
  12. P

    M1903A3 sporter value

    Hi all. I’m thinking of picking up a 1903A3 that’s been sporterized. Everything has been hot blued and the barrel is marked 9-43 RA. It’s a 2 groove from what I can tell and gauged at .9 (not exactly sure what that means but that’s what the guy at the shop showed me on his gauge. I know it’s...
  13. arakboss

    What Value Do You Place On Your Personal Time? (AKA Opportunity Cost)

    There was a discussion on the radio this morning about Opportunity Cost and how people value their time. It would be fairly easy to value your time if it was compared to making money. What about your personal time, how would or do you place a value on your free time? The example given was a guy...
  14. Jackhulk

    Anyone know the value of a interarms virginian dragoon 44mag?

    Its in great shape. Single action with original box and ads that came with it. Yorktown edition. Im trying to find out what the value of it is, too maybe sell or trade. Any help is appreciated!
  15. Akx39

    Value of a Polytech Legend National Match?

    Here it is, not sure if I got a good deal or overpaid. It has the original cone muzzle break so I feel like I didn't really overpay by too much especially considering how much these types of guns are increasing in price. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/940480609
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