Package may refer to:
Packaging and labeling, the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use
Package testing, the measurement of a characteristic or property involved with packaging, including packaging materials, packaging components, primary packages, shipping containers, unit loads, and associated processes
Mail item larger than a letter
Chip package or chip carrier, in electronics, the material added around a component or integrated circuit to allow it to be handled without damage and incorporated into a circuit
Electronic packaging, an area of study in electrical engineering regarding the enclosures and protective feature of an electronic device
Automotive package, in automobile production and marketing, a group of related features sold as a bundle
Package holiday, in tourism, a holiday or package tour which consists of transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a vendor
Term often used for burying a dead body (often illegally)
Euphemism for a nuclear weapon.

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  1. T

    New Accu-shot BT12 rail mount monopod with quickdisc

    New Bt12 monopod with quickdisc and a new tac-cap. $95 obo
  2. djharteloo

    Gucci glock 43 carry package, GGP, Overwatch Precision, TTI

    Built this to be my end all summer carry gun and then got a p365xl and can’t go back. Started life as a regular Glock 43 then added the Grey Ghost Precision slide in Burnt Bronze, Ameriglo steel sights (have a set of Ameriglo i dot nights that can go with it also just missing the front screw)...
  3. K

    Seekins Precision Havak PH2 package

    Seekins Precision Havak PH2 7mm rem (1895$) Seekins ATC muzzle brake (89$) Seekins 34mm scope rings (139$) Bushnell Elite DMR ii G2 illuminated w/box (1399$) Comes in hard plastic case. Rifle saw only 50rd, grouping less that 1 MOA at 200 yards with 168gr VLD. And hitting head size rocks at 700...
  4. T

    2 new in package Pro Mag Glock 19. 9 mm mags.

    I have two new Glock 19 mags. $30 or trade for CZ P10c mags or Cz p10c holster Or ?
  5. 5

    Austria Hungary Steyr M95 Carbine package deal

    Austria Hungary Steyr M95 straight pull carbine, Budapest marked. Kicks like a mule, loud as hell. Great overall condition, strong rifling. Includes two Waffenamt marked clips, and two Waffenamt marked loaded clips in original packaging. Will include once fired brass, Lee dies, and correct...
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