1. G

    Link sys tri-band router. Best router for wifi

    Top of the line router for all your wifi needs. Runs a 2.4 and dual 5 ghz bands. If you need a router, look no further. 75 dollars please Trade for 9mm and .22 always ok
  2. HaveGun

    FedEx only hires the best.

    Called the VA to check on an appointment and found out someone dropped the ball. Big surprise. Then, while on the phone with the VA, I hear a truck pull up out in front of my house and look and see FedEx. While on the phone, I go to the front door to see the driver head to the side of my...
  3. Old Noob

    Best place to sell spent brass??

    I know I can separate and sort and sell spent brass on this site and other places. But, I have a large bag of mixed spent brass. Over 30 pounds I don't feel like sorting. I see a few places online and you can ship it to them and they send you a check. Anybody have experience doing this? Any...
  4. nativeo

    How different are AR lower parts kits and what's the best one?

    I see big price difference is but I would like to know if they are almost back how different can they be and if so which one is the best thank you.
  5. FriendOfEvanWilliams

    best grab & go shotgun shell carrier?

    Hello everybody! I'm looking to get some sort of carrier for spare shotgun shells as part of a bug-out kit. I'm looking for your personal opinions on bandoliers, slings with loops, belts, MOLLE accessories, etc. I've looked at the options for sale, but I want to hear some personal anecdotes and...
  6. W

    Best Scope for $2000.00 - $2500.00

    Best scope and glass in this price range for long range shooting?
  7. P

    Oregon's Best Dealer for Suppressor Transfer from out of state dealer?

    Hi All Looking to purchase my 1st suppressor, found a good deal out of state. Any local dealer or shop you would recommend for Suppressor Transfer and Form4 process? Thanks in advance
  8. sagia308

    155 yards BEER bottle survives another shoot heritage 22lr did the best

    that bird must live close by hes still chirping for a mate this spring no female showing up wonder why :rolleyes: with bullet wizzing~ by
  9. CHLChris

    What is the best way to cut this alum rail?

    Hi all! I'm pretty sure this rail is aluminum. The Volquartsen barrel came with this rail. It is designed to clear a 1022 takedown receiver, but I'm using a Brownells receiver and it just doesn't have enough clearance. So I turned it around forward. I'd like to cut it. What tool should I...
  10. RVTECH

    Your best 'Lost' story - Driving, Hunting, Backpacking, Etc. Let's Hear It!

    I'll start. When my daughter was about 14 I picked her up in Oakridge after her weekend with her mother and were on our way home. Well, she wanted to drive and did not have her permit yet so we took off of Hwy 58 toward Waldo Lake and I let her drive on the way home as we were heading over...
  11. T

    Best way to rest a SW 629 scoped or TC Encore in the field for hunting....

    deer or elk? Any suggestions? Back pack is one idea. Any others? Thanks.
  12. sagia308

    551 YARDS! 05/06/20 Swiss k11 308 is 165gr Speer the best? u be the judge

    appears so to me, the 178 amax were all over the place? 180 speer sp did ok also i see loaded all with wc 844
  13. F

    Just bought the best 22lr handgun ever & I own a bunch!

    I like Ruger Chargers but just bought a KelTec P17 which is the best buy & quality for the price I;ve ever seen. It beats the new Glock 22 10x over. 2# trigger best stock trigger I've ever bought. 17 rd capacity, europeon style mag release, comes with 3 16 rd mags, also comes with a wrench where...
  14. 2A2Dend

    Aftermarket Barrels - What brands are the best choice by reputation?

    Speaking of semi-auto barrels made for the most commonly known manufacturers. What barrel manufacturers have been the most consistent in accuracy, when it comes to hand guns? Edit to add more info. Barrels would be for upgrade, or host application. I have Sigs, Glocks, CZ's, H&K, Springfield...
  15. Salps

    Best source for Russian AK 47 slings

    Looking for reasonable priced Ak 47 Russian sling. Double hook, Black would nice but the green will work. Thanks
  16. LuckySG

    Two of the NEW Bergara BXR Carbon Fiber Threaded Barrels In Stock - Best Looking .22 LR on the Market These are light weight and fantastic to hold. I think ideal for Appleseed with the grip on the stock to use your left hand to make the altitude adjustment over a front bag or even standing, it is 4 pounds, 13...
  17. BlackTemplar

    Playstation 4 Best of Exclusives Bundle

    Includes Uncharted Trilogy, Uncharted 4, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, Last of Us Remastered, God of War. All copies are brand new and sealed except Uncharted Trilogy but it’s mint (only game I wanted to try). Will sell all as a...
  18. kbf64

    Best $2000 to start reloading

    If you were to budget $2000 to buy equipment to start reloading 9mm, 5.56, and 300 aac what would you recommend to spend it on? Not including consumables, bullets, etc...
  19. 2A2Dend

    6" Shoot-N-See Targets - Best Bang For The Buck?

    Those of you that use the splatter type of targets,,,, where can I get the most for the $$?
  20. sagia308

    some of my best shooting ever canik 175 yards hits can/plate REMASTERED

    now you can see the can and the plate that fell over in the wind i was shooting at with the zoom included go to the end of the video looks like:) 3 hits on the red plate
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