Best Western International, Inc. owns the Best Western Hotels & Resorts brand, which it licenses to over 4,700 hotels worldwide. The franchise, with its corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, includes more than 2,000 hotels in North America. The brand was founded by M.K. Guertin in 1946. As of May 2019, David Kong is the president and CEO of Best Western and Dorothy Dowling is the chief marketing officer.
In 1964, Canadian hotel owners joined the system. Best Western then expanded to Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand in 1976.
In 2002, Best Western International launched Best Western Premier in Europe and Asia. (The other hotels in the chain were known as Best Western.) In 2011, the chain's branding system-wide changed to a three-tiered system: Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier.

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  1. ScatPackLife

    Wanting an RMR. Where to buy for best price?

    I decided Im just not a huge fan of my Holosun 507C on a pistol (rifle its great) and want to upgrade to an RMR. Where is the cheapest you have seen them? I don't mind waiting for sales, I'm in no rush. Will live on a suppressed PSA Dagger for now. Planning to get a P10 OR SR eventually. (I'm...
  2. Crazyeye24

    Best optic for Hellcat Pro

    For those of you who shoot the hellcat pro and use an optic, which one do you use and/or have tried? I'm thinking of getting one and trying to figure out what will work best.
  3. Joe13

    Best Travel Hot Beverage Mug??

    Had my old friend finally give out and so now I need a new travel mug. Lid must lock or screw on. I tend to tip things over. 24+ OZ preferably. I don’t want a pint glass =). Less complicated is more better. I would rather not have to disassemble a 12 piece lid just to clean it. Plastic or...
  4. Joe13

    Build Thread  Ruger Mark III - Best red dot mounting plate?

    So I’m not super fond of the stock option rail for mounting a Vortex Venom on my Ruger MK III and have found one that looks good but thought I’d ask before I commit to buying something. This is what I have found: $65 isn’t...
  5. thebigbaby

    Best deals on canned food

    Have a couple can racks that I finally put together. Any suggestions where to purchase canned food with value in mind? Best bang for your buck items as well. Sloppy joe, corn, tuna, soups, etc. Is this a good deal...
  6. A

    Oregon  Best OR county for WA resident

    Hello - I commute through Oregon often and would prefer to carry while I drive; Mainly Multnomah, Hood River, Wasco and Washington County. I have my WA state CPL. I keep hearing that the process is taking longer and certain sheriffs are denying many. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. G

    Best method to clean brass

    Being two years new to reloading the Frankford Arsenal ss pin tumbler is the only system I’ve used. And have always liked the results. I know this to one of several methods available to clean brass. (Sonic, shell media…) Question1 Knowing ss media is a relatively new cleaning method Is there...
  8. rayrunspdx

    Best 1-6x24 LPVO under $1000

    What is in your favorite LPVO 1-6x24 under 1000? Personally I prefer a more full featured Reticle design with drops and wind holds, a horseshoe or similar ring sight for fast acquisition etc. matters more to me than being aimpoint bright. Japanese glass, a nice wide FOV with a flat image that...
  9. Brian R

    Coyote Hunting best grain for .223

    best projectile to use for 223? Any recommendations? Anything else I should know?
  10. 3MTA3

    Best AR10 Receivers For A Build

    I've gotten the 375 Raptor bug and sorting out a build. What AR10 lowers are the best in your opinion or does it even matter. I'm leaning towards Aero Precision as I have had great luck with then in AR15 builds. Also interested in ones I should avoid. Looking for responses from those with builds...
  11. 3MTA3

    Best Christmas Action Film of All Time

    In my previous Christmas Movie thread I was taken to task for not including Die Hard in the poll, so I decided to see what the forum thinks the best Christmas action movie to be. The poll doesn't have enough options to cover them all so please tell us what you think. Here is a few to get you...
  12. Yarome

    Tom Cotton - "I'm sorry this is happening to you - Best of luck"

    Watch from 5:40.. the subject matter is not so germane as the ending message senator cotton left on the floor in conclusion. So well said and I wish all the woke would be able to hear his words and be put on notice of the sentiment. I won't spoil the context of the title message and let you...
  13. rayrunspdx

    Who makes the best Mil-Spec BCG?

    I’ve heard the generally recommended manufacturers (Microbest, Toolcraft, Failzero etc.) and BCG’s from the big names i.e. (Daniel defense, BCM, Colt, etc.) but in your opinion who makes the best Mil-Spec BCG? Seems like products from microbest for example are a fair bit cheaper than say BCM or...
  14. graafsan

    What is considered the best knife

    just wondering if there is such a thing, People have there own choices i get that but some would say whats the best shotgun many will say the benilli m4 is there a knife like that that would be considered the best?
  15. 3MTA3

    Best Portland Area LGS For A Woman To Look At Handguns

    Yet more 114 fallout... My female cousin is looking for pistols tomorrow to make a purchase before the December 7th deadline*. It's been a while since I took Mrs. 3M out shopping and the best place we went from the female perspective (OC Fred Meyer) no longer sells guns. The places I mentioned...
  16. sagia308

    4 pistols Phoenix 22LR 88 yards had the best grouping high standard Knox down plate 25 yards

    That was funny watching the high standard knocked down the plate.
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