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  1. Jcon268

    Best site to buy gunsmithing tools?

    Looking for smithing/armorer tools. The site I've found to have the best selection of tools appears to be Brownells. Are there any other sites? Brownells seems somewhat spendy with some of their tools. For instance $15 for a single punch... This might be worthwhile to someone who is going to be...
  2. SA Shooter

    Best Spotting Scope Tripod?

    My old camera tripod I used for the spotting scope has failed. The weight and leverage the scope exerted on it was just too much. So I need a new tripod and don't want to get one that isn't up to the task. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Kylem1127

    Best way to ship a firearm for sale?

    Just as the title reads, I’m looking to make a firearm sale, and the purchaser is located in another state. This happens to be the perfect place to ask, so what ways do you 1. Accept payment? And 2. Ship it to them if they’re an ffl. they sent me a copy of their ffl license, but how do I verify...
  4. J

    Best spare parts to buy

    Greetings all! I've been thinking that I'd be smart to buy some spare parts for some of my guns, I currently have none. I was looking at the brass magazine follower tube from a Henry lever action .22 and thinking "Dang, if that got bent, this gun would be pretty useless." Without getting...
  5. L

    Seeking advice best route to Boise, Idaho

    So, I'm moving from basically Tacoma Washington to Boise Idaho this week, the week of 10/14/19. In another thread I inquired about best hauling of household items. I did end up taking the consensus advice in the prior thread. Instead of buying truck and trailer I did rent a box truck instead...
  6. Jcon268

    Suppressor Companies - Customer Service - Best & Worst?

    So I've been doing research on suppressors and it has come to my attention that good customer service is a critical feature of any company that I would want to purchase an NFA item from. It's hard to test suppressors before buying one. Bought one you're unhappy with? Are you screwed? Perhaps so...
  7. nlancaster

    100rounds of .357SIG - $50 or best offer.

    Bought 100 rounds of .357SIG by mistake, brand new in box never handled. $60 total brand new, $50 or best offer. Tigard Oregon, will meet to deliver, Cash Only.
  8. peternov01

    Cheep to mid rangfinder, what is the best bang for the buck?

    I want to get a rangefinder but all I plan on using it for is under 600 yards. Don't hunt much now but never know. What I plan on is just marking distances in the Sierra Nevada mtns when I camp and want to do some random shooting. I want it to be clear and easy to read and preferably under 300...
  9. Brownsalamander

    Best Place for Kids Birthday Cake?

    My kid's bday is this weekend, and I'd like to get him a cake he'll enjoy. Probably "Cars" themed. Where have you guys with kids had the best luck with custom bday cakes? Hell, if you own a bakery and make good custom kid's cakes shoot me a PM. I'm in the East Tacoma area.
  10. Ironbar

    Best Budget AR?

    OK community, a friend of my daughter is looking for his first AR pattern rifle. He is only 18, therefore he cannot purchase a stripped lower to do an AR build, so he has chosen to buy a full rifle, and customize it piecemeal as funds allow. What's the best budget carbine length AR out there...
  11. UnionMillsNW

    Living My Best Life And Paying It Forward...

    Hey Folks, This weekend I was so fortunate to summit South Sister in Oregon with my girlfriend and a group of amazing people. The views and camaraderie were soul cleansing. It has been 8 years since I left the Marine Corps and some of the biggest lessons I've learned is the importance of...
  12. D

    Best seating die for compressed loads?

    I want to try some longer, heavier bullets in my new 6.5 Grendel, it's a Howa Mini-action bolt gun. Got a good set of Redding dies, but the bullet seater is the Competition Micrometer die, and the instructions are pretty adamant about NOT using it with compressed loads, something I'm finding...
  13. O

    Best CCW smith in 380

    Lightly used 380 acp Smith&Wesson bodygaurd. Near new. Comes with everything you would get when buying new. Comes with gun, box, case, manual, paperwork, 2 magazines. Would take 320 dollars for it at money market pawn in portland. Willing to trade and even add cash for larger pistol with easier...
  14. 9mm guy

    Best Scope for a Youth 22LR Rifle of a Savage Rascal?

    I'm a beginner to rimfire rifles and I know someone asked about the best scope for a 22 rifle in general. But I wanted to ask those of you with experience with specifically this youth rifle which is quite a bit smaller than a regular rifle size. I'm going to train my kids on iron sights first...
  15. conditor22

    Trunk Monkey Ads in HD - BEST of the BEST!

    20 Trunk Monkey Ads in HD - BEST of the BEST!
  16. WhyElKay

    How do I choose the best handgun for my teen daughter to learn and practice with?

    She was showing interest in guns, so I sent her out with her dad. I thought he had more experience, and she came back a little less excited, he had her fire a shot gun without teaching her how to properly hold it, she ended up with a nice bruise on her shoulder and it scared her a bit. I have...
  17. RicInOR

    PDX / Beaverton Area Taxi's - Which is/are best ?

    My mom crashed her car yesturday, into a Trader Joes. Only she was hurt - minor. So, no car and the cops have suspended her license until she is evaluated - age related. She does not have, nor understands, a smart phone so Uber / Lyft are out. What Cab companies can you all recommend...
  18. svxr8dr

    Opinions on the best "Go To War" round in 30.06?

    Is it M2 FMJ, or 180gr Winchester Ballistic Silvertip's? Or is there something else?