Mine, mines, or miners may refer to:
Mining, extraction of mineral resources from the ground from a mine

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    Response To An Armslist Ad Of Mine.

    I am seriously thinking of responding and asking how he plans on paying for this if I were to agree...
  2. D

    Any Aces on Mini Lathes? I need help understanding mine...

    I just bought a Grizzly 8688 mini lathe but would love some hands on help. I live in SE Salem.
  3. joken

    This is a great safe NFS, not mine

    I got a kick out of this and think it is a great idea, ARMSLIST - For Sale: Soda Machine Gun Safe - Pepsi, Coke, Hidden Rifle Safe
  4. arakboss

    National  Does anybody know what the status is on bumpstock ban?

    I am trying to figure out when the ban begins?
  5. bsa1917hunter

    Share your $400.00 budget rifles: Here's mine

    Not wanting to muddy up NoRegerts $400.00 rifle thread, I wanted to start a new one where we could all share our experiences with our "budget" rifles. Please post pictures and let us know what you like about them and how they shoot. Let us know if you hunted yours this year and if your were...
  6. Chin

    Build Thread  MY FIRST BUILD!! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

    A2 style with Bull Barrel. I like the weight and consistency with this barrel. A lil Retro mixed with some functionality. Whatcha think??? I will add one of the butt stock mag pouches I’ve seen in Iraq War movies.
  7. 2A-Jay

    WWII Naval Mine Discovered floating in WA Port.

    Port Orchard WA, Coast Guard and Navy responded. Mine was later detonated by the Navy.
  8. 1Asterisk

    OR Sec of State request for IP43 procedural compliance - here is mine

    The cover sheet that was issued by the Secretary of State’s office with the draft ballot title on IP43 indicated the SOS was seeking public input “on whether the petition complies with the procedural constitutional requirements established in the Oregon Constitution for initiative petitions”...
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