The Compaq Evo was a series of business desktop and laptop PCs and thin clients made by Compaq and Hewlett-Packard (following the 2002 merger). The Evo brand was introduced by Compaq in May 2001 as a business-oriented brand, and replaced Compaq's Deskpro brand for its desktops and Armada for its notebooks. Evo was rebranded as HP Compaq, which was used until 2013.

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  1. HotRodGuy

    Mossberg MC1 & CZ Evo 3

    Father and I went to the range today (one of the few things I can do still with my knee injury) after he went and purchased a new Mossberg MC1 pistol. I must say, that thing is nice. Dead on right out of the box, and feels good in the hand. Only bad thing is the trigger. Pull is smooth and...
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