In the United States, a gun show is an event where promoters generally rent large public venues and then rent tables for display areas for dealers of guns and related items, and charge admission for buyers. The majority of guns for sale at gun shows are modern sporting firearms. Approximately 5,000 gun shows occur annually in the United States.

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  1. J

    Late newbie post

    Good day all, Did anyone go to the Portland gun show today? I have not been in some time. How was it? Should I mark the next one on the calendar? Thanks again Jay
  2. oremike

    Rickreall Gun Show this weekend

    9am to 5pm Saturday June 8th 9am to 3pm Sunday June 9th This show tends to be one of the better shows. No beanie babies or aroma therapy.
  3. Lilhigbee

    Carson gun show tomorrow!!

    Sorry to be posting this so late, but that's the way it is. The Cascade Sportsman's Club June gun show is this weekend at the American Legion hall in Carson, WA. Show opens at 8:00am and runs until 3:00pm, though it gets a little sparse about 2:30. Admission is $2 and all of it goes to local...
  4. DivCurlGrad72

    Portland Gun Show this Weekend 5/18-19

    Wes Knodel Gun & Knife Show Portland Expo Center I’m planning on going. :) $10 for parking :mad:
  5. M

    Eugene gun show this weekend

    Haven't heard much about It anybody know what vendors will be there?
  6. S

    Portland Gun Show

    Anyone going to the gun show this weekend? Kind of looking for an AK preferable a Wasr 10. Anyone know if they have decent deals, never been to this one.
  7. 66PonyCar

    Oregon  Vancouver Gun Show kicks off at Clark County Event Center

    Couldn't believe the Oregonian is running an article (more like an advertisement) for the Vancouver Gun Show. Vancouver Gun Show kicks off at Clark County Event Center (photos)
  8. Lilhigbee

    NO Carson Gun Show for April!!!

    Due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts there will NOT be a gun show in Carson for the month of April. We will resume our bi-monthly show schedule June 1st.
  9. SOLID_arity

    Transfers at Wes Knodel's Gun Show?

    Gone to it a few times in the past, but this time around might be looking to sell or purchase w/ private parties. Are there any vendors/FFLs present that don't charge an arm and a leg for a private BGC+transfer?
  10. Andy54Hawken

    Black Powder Gun Show

    Black powder gun show March 9th and 10th Evergreen State Fairgrounds Monroe , Washington. $8 admission 9-5 Saturday 9-3 Sunday Traditional only This is a big show folks...lots to see , plenty of folks to visit and there will be something to buy for sure. I have found some great deals here...
  11. rdb241


    I have heard through the grape vine today that Washington's I-1639 sanctuary city of Republic is holding a 300 table gun show on Memorial Day weekend. I talked to the guy that is putting it on. It will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No Monday. This needs major national attention. I...
  12. K

    Oregon  Under 21 Gun show Questions

    Since private sales must go through a FFL, Which restricts us folks under 21 from possessing anything that isn't strictly "Shotgun" or "Rifle", would that limitation still effect dealers at a gun show? Would Someone under 21 be able to buy a "Firearm" like a shockwave or a AR pistol lower...
  13. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors Gun Show Feb. 24th

    OAC's February show will be the 24th, this Sunday. Still the best bargain around in gun shows at $3 entry, or free if you're a member. Free parking too!The show is mostly collector arms, and used firearms. No new firearms dealers, but a very nice little monthly NRA affiliated collector gun show...
  14. mingus gun show in Grants Pass

    I see the shows put on by , with one in Grants Pass this weekend. Wondering if it's worth the drive. What are these shows like? Thanks....
  15. skeezix

    ARPC Gun Show @ Linn County Fair grounds in Albany 3/2&3, 2019

    Doors open on Saturday from 9AM-5PM and on Sunday from 9AM-3PM. See you there.
  16. Lilhigbee

    Carson gun show this Saturday!!

    Better late than never I guess. The Cascade Sportsman's Club February gun show is this weekend at the American Legion hall in Carson, WA. Show opens at 8:00am and runs until 3:00pm, though it gets a little sparse about 2:30. Admission is $2 and all of it goes to local folks in need. Jeannie...
  17. BanjoGeek

    East Albany Lions Club gun show

    East Albany Lions Club gun show this Saturday & Sunday January 12th & 13th. Great show and good folks that promote it. Free parking and very reasonable admission and the proceeds help to fund the East Albany Lions Club charities. Exit 232 off I-5, very easy to get to and normal gun show...
  18. ma96782

    Where is the Gun Show this weekend?

    My son is here from AZ. So, which Gun Show should I be going to for this weekend (12/22/2018 or 12/23/2018)? The list so far....... Salem GS at the Fair Grounds Does anyone have another suggestion or maybe a review? Aloha, Mark
  19. Lilhigbee

    Carson gun show this Saturday!!

    The Cascade Sportsman's Club gun show is this Saturday, December 1st at the American Legion Hall in Carson, WA. Show hours are 8:00am to 3:00pm. Admission is $2, all of which goes to help local people in need. Come by and say hi. It's a nice drive up the gorge and a great way to spend a...
  20. S

    Gun Show

    Hi my name is Mike I went to the exbo center today I was denied a gun sale due to a misdemeanor 20 years ago keep in mind this was just the questionnaire not the back ground check when i looked on Oregon laws that stated up to 4 years of a misdemeanor can any one advice me 1st time gun owner...
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