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  1. Mikej

    Who here has a family member in adult foster care?....

    Or knows someone who does? Did you recently receive a letter from Oregon DHS?
  2. nwwoodsman

    Finding a dog for the family

    This one is getting waaay off topic, but I am hoping there may be some people on this forum who may be to provide some direction. I have only ever owned one dog of my own in my life. He was a yellow lab and that was almost 30 years ago. The folks had a lhasso apso during my teen years, but I am...
  3. gmerkt

    Family heirloom blankets

    When I was a kid in the 1950's, some of our treasured family possessions were army blankets that had found their way back to our home after the war. These wool blankets were typical OD US Army types, plus one Australian Army blanket my dad got overseas. Those things wore like iron. They saw...
  4. ilikegunspdx

    Please make family members aware of this carjacking technique - used in PDX but could be used elsewhere

    If it works they will tell their friends so this technique may spread to other cities. I could see how this would work unless the drivers already know about the ploy.
  5. wired

    How far back have you traced your family tree?

    My family name forbearer got off the boat in May 6th 1636 in Virginia and because of my somewhat uncommon name its childs play to trace the family back because of the naming habits of the English. Ive been able to go back to 1509 in England and in 1502 in France on the side of the woman who...
  6. arakboss

    If you or a close family member had symptomatic Covid, what treatments were you offered?

    For those who have experienced covid with symptoms what treatments were you offered by your doctor? Did they work to help alleviate your symptoms?
  7. American123

    The emergency “friends and family” gun.

    Recently there was various posts about supplying family, friends or neighbors with a gun. I’ve got my own opinion on handing out firearms to people, and although I definitely wouldn’t advise it in most cases because if they haven’t already done their due diligence already in advance acquire at...
  8. B

    Washington  Question regarding gun transfer to family member while firearms are in police custody.

    I looked around the web and couldn't find an answer to my question. Then I found you fine folks and decided to give it a spin here. The situation: In 2015, I had several firearms stolen from my apartment. I legally owned all of these firearms. A proper police report was made listing all said...
  9. SonicBlue03

    Other State  Need non-binding opinion: family inheritance/transfer from OR to CA

    Here's the scenario: Family in Oregon has a couple of shotguns (one with pistol brace configuration, one standard stock) that they are giving to their eldest son. Eldest son lives in California, but drives up to Oregon to be with family on the regular. If the shotgun w/ brace ('pistol') is a...
  10. B

    Firearms, Family and Pie

    I wanted to share a positive experience I had at a shop in Oregon. I stopped there to see what was in stock as I had done business with them in Corvallis and I wanted to check out their Salem shop. A younger man, his wife and boy were in the shop. They had explained their financial relationship...
  11. Lennie

    Bank mistakenly gives family $50 billion
  12. 308

    Death and Family

    My father passed away this week and I am his executor. Sad how this sort of thing brings out the vultures with their disingenuous comments and/or vile accusations. One minute feigning kindness, the next spewing venom when it does not go as they imagined. And this when my dad's body was still...
  13. rdb241

    To My Friends and Family

    "COPIED FROM FACEBOOK" For my friends who have recently gotten their CV shot or who know they will get one soon, awesome for you. I can see how relieved you are and I’m so glad that this option is available for you! For my friends who aren’t sure they will get one just yet, or maybe...
  14. ScottInPDX

    Looking for HD recommendations for an older family member

    Hello All: I'd like to lean on the community's experience for help finding a suitable home defense firearm for a much loved older aunt of mine that isn't in the greatest of health anymore. I took her to the indoor range at the Clackamas County Sheriff's office a while ago after discovering that...
  15. Kyrsen

    Introduce us to your family!

    Post pics of your collection from the same manufacturer. Meet the beretta family!
  16. tac

    Peabody rifle from the 1870's - in the same family!!

    Enjoy watching this unusual occasion with me - From Mars_attacks on, with thanks....he writes - This one is chambered in .43 Spanish, the brass and casting mold had to come from Belgium, so 100 cases was $500. It's been in my family forever and has always just hung up in the...
  17. dead

    Oregon  Question about transfer to family members. (OREGON)

    Howdy y'all! I have a random question regarding Transfers to family members. A few months ago my younger brother was feeling uneasy with owning a handgun after having dealt with a lot of chaotic life events, so he gave our mother his handgun. Our mother didn't want the gun in her house, so...
  18. wired

    The SBR Family

  19. arakboss

    You're Like Family

    I was just offered a gift of a silver membership by a super generous member. I politely declined the offer and asked that he offer it to somebody who is less fortunate than I. He said he would do that. I was gifted my first membership by another member and haven't forgotten that. It just goes...
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