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  1. ScottInPDX

    Looking for HD recommendations for an older family member

    Hello All: I'd like to lean on the community's experience for help finding a suitable home defense firearm for a much loved older aunt of mine that isn't in the greatest of health anymore. I took her to the indoor range at the Clackamas County Sheriff's office a while ago after discovering that...
  2. Kyrsen

    Introduce us to your family!

    Post pics of your collection from the same manufacturer. Meet the beretta family!
  3. tac

    Peabody rifle from the 1870's - in the same family!!

    Enjoy watching this unusual occasion with me - From Mars_attacks on sigforum.com, with thanks....he writes - This one is chambered in .43 Spanish, the brass and casting mold had to come from Belgium, so 100 cases was $500. It's been in my family forever and has always just hung up in the...
  4. dead

    Oregon  Question about transfer to family members. (OREGON)

    Howdy y'all! I have a random question regarding Transfers to family members. A few months ago my younger brother was feeling uneasy with owning a handgun after having dealt with a lot of chaotic life events, so he gave our mother his handgun. Our mother didn't want the gun in her house, so...
  5. wired

    The SBR Family

  6. A

    You're Like Family

    I was just offered a gift of a silver membership by a super generous member. I politely declined the offer and asked that he offer it to somebody who is less fortunate than I. He said he would do that. I was gifted my first membership by another member and haven't forgotten that. It just goes...
  7. F

    The Family is Back Together!

    Family is back together A little story about neurosis and gun trading and 1911’s I have this little Springfield compact 1911 in .45. Specifically a Springfield Range Officer Compact. Mostly. Partly. Actually, all that’s left of the original pistol is the Frame, Slide, and Barrel. Most of...
  8. J

    Trying to refurbish family heirlooms that went through the Santiam Fire (only hoping for wall-hangers)

    So my uncle's house was completely burned to the ground in the Santiam Fire, and he had all of my late grandfather's guns. Every single one had the stocks completely burned off, scope glass melted, and none of them will ever work again. However, he had 2 Winchester Model 94's and 2 Winchester...
  9. B

    Seeking Lost Musket Family Heirloom

    i am trying to track down and buy back a musket that a younger family member (who didn't realize the family history of this gun) mistakenly sold to a pawn shop in Oregon in September 2017.I The rifle is a Springfield M1861, stamped E. Robinson New York 1864. I do not have a photo of it. No...
  10. D

    Ruger Mark IV or S&W Victory (maybe Buckmark) for first .22 family plinking pistol

    So I've been doing a lot of research trying to determine which family pistol I'd like to get for .22 target shooting at the range. It would be 99% just a family plinker (I might do a rimfire challenge competition, but with no intention of winning, just trying it out). I'v narrowed it down to a...
  11. G

    Washington  Family or private party purchase/sale in Washington/Idaho/Montana question

    What are the rules for out-of-state purchases/transfers between private parties in Idaho and Montana? Example: seller is a Montana resident; purchaser is a Washington resident. Thank you.
  12. M

    A pile of family history!

    So my boys and I have been lucky enough to be entrusted with this pile of family history! This would be my great-grandmothers brother I believe. The helmet we were given sometime back. The gas mask and BAR belt were found when cleaning out my dads uncles place. Gas mask is marked with his...
  13. clearconscience

    Otis family finds live grenade in Father’s house after he passed

    https://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/2020/04/oregon-woman-finds-potentially-live-wwii-grenade-in-dads-garage.html NIB!
  14. The Heretic

    Two Canadians hunting to feed their family - murdered

  15. RVTECH

    National  End Family Fire

    I saw an ad for something called 'End Family Fire' where a boy was interrogating his father about him owning a gun, its location and where the ammo was. Apparently something promoting safe gun storage. Anyway it was a new one on me.
  16. Scrammer

    Pearl Harbor, Did your Parents or Grandparents tell were they were then, 78 years ago.

    My grandmother told me her and grandfather were a small community Christmas party. Music was playing on the radio when it was interrupted by the announcement of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The party packed up and everybody went home. The next day my oldest uncle went to town and joined the navy...
  17. RicInOR

    National  Zimmerman Back in the News Again - Suing Family of Martin for $100,000,000

    https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article238030539.html One of those guys who should just keep a zero profile.
  18. G

    Washington  Oregon family member gift gun to WA resident

    Hello all, Was wondering if you could help me answer a question that my family and I have been wondering about. My uncle lives in Oregon and would like to give me one of his pistol as a gift. I live in Washington state. Does he have to mail it to my local FFL here in WA to receive his gift...
  19. slimmer13

    Other State  DGU pregnant mother defends family with AR

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