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The Tacoma Rainiers are a Minor League Baseball team that plays in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) and is the Triple-A affiliate of Major League Baseball's Seattle Mariners. A team located in Tacoma, Washington has been in the PCL every year since 1960, for the longest current active streak of membership in the league. The Rainiers are based only 26 miles south of Seattle, the shortest distance between a Triple-A team and its major-league parent.

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  1. User 1234

    Who does discrete NFA engraving near Tacoma?

    I searched and found a similar thread from last July that did not generate any responses. I’m looking for an engraver who can do a quality job, e.g. not 1/2” letters across the side of the mag well. I am willing to pay for quality work.
  2. Dradz

    Transfer Fees Tacoma area

    Hi folks, I searched the forums but was unable to find a thread about the cheapest local transfer fees in the Tacoma/Oly area. If someone knows of a thread or a resources for this information please let me know. Thanks
  3. LagunaBlueAP2

    Hi from Tacoma

    Hey folks. Joined a few years back. Just don't post a lot(or at all lol). I'm in Pierce County/Tacoma/Fort Lewis area.
  4. S

    Mil Surplus Club in Tacoma

    Hey guys and Gals; I there a club or organization that meets to talk about Mil Surplus Firearms in or around Tacoma?
  5. User 1234

    Suppressor retailers w/i 20 miles of Tacoma

    Are there any suppressor retailers within 20 miles of Tacoma? I don’t want to drive 150 miles to Vancouver.
  6. rdb241

    Tacoma gun store burglarized.Another smash and grab!

    <broken link removed>
  7. K

    GUN Registration in Tacoma???

    According to the an Article - Police Beat - in the News Tribune (Tacoma paper) Sunday the 18th: "Officers caught up with the combatants at South 19th and Mildred Streets. They spoke to the boyfriend, who told his story and mentioned the gun. Officers noted that it...
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