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  1. Papa Doug

    Oregon  Selling guns in state and out of state

    I have a lever-action rifle, wheel gun and pistol I wish to sell on here. I understand (I think) that in Oregon I will have to take it to a dealer, who will charge me, to ship it to another dealer who will likely charge the buyer, at least for the background check. Do I need to do the same...
  2. CountryGent

    The gun(s) you regretted selling?

    So, for reasons unknown, I'm getting the urge to do another purge of the collection. (Maybe it is a relocation soon or that we're looking at a PS90 for the sidekick or I'm just bored / wacky). There are a handful I'm looking long and hard at selling in the coming days. Which brings up the...
  3. cpy911

    Anyone in Oregon City Area?

    Looking to sell our house and move from Newberg to Oregon City area. Tired of the commute to work near the airport. We have some high school age kids and Oregon City HS seems highly rated. Anyone live in this area? I really appreciate space and noticed a lot of rural areas around Oregon City...
  4. coop44

    WA resident buying a handgun in OREGON?

    I will be driving through next week. Would like to pick up a handgun I found on here. Would like to do the purchase and transfer in Oregon. But if I can't the alternative would be to ship it to an ffl here for transfer. Not sure if the added expense would be worth it.
  5. Frank RW

    Is it just me, or are guns selling cheaper?

    I've been eye-ballin' various firearms lately and notice a trend. Prices have dropped quite a bit. I'm guessing the gun-sales business is down? Ya'd think, in the day-n-age of mass-shootings, they'd go UP! Too bad I couldn't time it better, a LOT of good deals out there that might reap...
  6. Hawaiian

    Oregon  Oregon retailer accused of selling counterfeit Leupold scopes

    Oregon retailer accused of selling counterfeit Leupold rifle scopes
  7. R

    Idaho  Best approach to private party handgun sale

    I've looked over the forum and interweb. Seem to be no specific requirements other than the buyer can be prohibited and must be over 18. Sounds simple (compared to CA), but how does a seller insure that the buyer is not prohibited? One suggestion I've run across is to require evidence of a...
  8. A

    National  Taking long gun across state lines to sell it, legal?

    Merry Christmas everyone, I have a buyer from Washington lined up to buy my shotgun from. I live in Oregon and the buyer wants me to meet him at WA FFL to handle the transfer. Any special rules/laws I should be aware of in this situation? I have purchased a long gun from ffl in WA and have had...
  9. Norwestr55

    Dallas Walmart Selling Firearms Again

    I was walking thru the other night past the sporting goods section and WHAT??? A double display case probably 15 ft long with mostly shotguns but it looked like a couple 10/22's and some Henry's on the bottom section. I did'nt have time to look but I'm sure that they'd just set it up within the...
  10. NoLimePlease

    Just had a very questionable gun selling experience. Any advice?

    Ive been wanting to get a new striker fired 9mm with external safety for a while now to replace my G19. So when I heard that Sig just released the P320 with external safety, I was all over it. Went to my friendly local firearms store in Milwaukie to make a deal happen, as they have said pistol...
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