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  1. VinnieBoomBah

    Trying to find a Swedish Mauser GF rear sight I sold in (GASP!!) 2013

    I know it's a long shot, but what the heck! :) Way back in 2013 I sold a Swedish Mauser to another member here, and a few months later he sold it again. Included with the rifle was an unmounted GF receiver sight that I had picked up, but neither of us could bring ourselves to D&T a matching...
  2. D

    Colt to be acquired by CZ

    Already addressed:
  3. Gbirk

    The Teddy Gun just sold.

    Some real history here.... Maybe I should buy one of those Trump 1911s as an investment.....
  4. gmerkt

    Now the powder is all sold out

    It seems like a month ago, yes, primers were none to be had. But powder was mostly available. Now, I check online and powder is gone everywhere. I just checked Powder Valley, no IMR powder of any kind is available. Hodgdon, of four pages, the only centerfire powder available was H110. Is...
  5. gmerkt

    Sold ammo for silver the other day

    Sold some 5.56mm M855 and some 7.62mm NATO. The gentleman paid me cash for two batches, and asked if I'd take silver bullion for the third. Answer yes. In recent times, I've sold a Smith & Wesson revolver for silver bullion. Also a Colt 1911 for part cash, part silver. Back in the 70's, I...
  6. Reno

    Sold out!

    Man, I wasn’t too upset about the ammo, the guns, the reloading components, but now... Optics, cleaning supplies, slings, small components, and many many other things that are becoming harder and harder to find. What have you went to get, only to be surprised by it being “OUT OF STOCK”!
  7. H

    Sold all my HKS S&W *N* frame speedloaders.

    I always wanted to shoot PPC Service class with an N frame revolver. The biggest drawback is no SafariLand Comp2’s & 3’s. Couple years back I bought a used S&W 4” model 28 that ended up being unsuitable. So I was on the lookout for another. One showed up on another site like this, but it sold so...
  8. C

    The Browning Buckmark is getting traded in or sold

    I have a Browning Buckmark it is very accurate and the trigger is pretty nice the problem is every other time I take it to the range It bites my thumb and causes a bleeding gash. It is the way I hold it ! I can fire a 1911, Glock or XD or 22/45 even a Browning high power doesn't bit...
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