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  1. B

    Answered  Removing old ads that have sold?

    Seems there is quite a history of old ads. Is it up to the seller to remove after sales? How to, new to site. Thanks
  2. A

    Washington  Have any Oregon members here sold an AR Lower to a WA resident since I-1639 laws took effect?

    Can Oregon resident sell AR lower with standard Oregon transfer process at Oregon FFL? Could Oregon resident bring lower to WA FFL and have it transferred like pre I-1639 times?
  3. DB is Here

    National  Fed Claim Store That Sold Rifle To Sutherland Spring Shooter Did It Illegally
  4. Hueco

    Oregon  Bought in OR sold in AZ?

    Hey all, I’m looking to get my dad a wheel gun for Xmas this year. I live in OR but would be flying down to AZ to gift it. AZ doesn’t require BG checks for private sales and it seems like I should be in the clear here...but got unsure about things when it came to crossing state lines. Does...
  5. CountryGent

    The gun(s) you regretted selling?

    So, for reasons unknown, I'm getting the urge to do another purge of the collection. (Maybe it is a relocation soon or that we're looking at a PS90 for the sidekick or I'm just bored / wacky). There are a handful I'm looking long and hard at selling in the coming days. Which brings up the...

    Service Issues On New Guns Sold Overseas

    I'll try to keep this simple and clear. On another forum a UK owner of a US made rifle is having problems with it and while covered by the factory (lifetime) he says he cannot send it back and the importer says he only has a two year warranty on it. The MFG. website says, 'For repairs in all...
  7. The Heretic

    ATF & Glock FA switch selectors sold online

    Multiple Reports of Glock Sear Arrests by ATF | RECOIL
  8. User 1234

    Other State  Report that Brownells alone sold 350,000 mags to CA this week

    BROWNELLS HAS SOLD HOW MANY MAGS?! - If Brownells only started selling to CA late Sunday, imagine the total when combined with the companies that started selling Saturday. Even if this hearsay report is overstated by 50% that would easily reach a million magazines.
  9. joflemin

    WTS/WTT ID  Dillion XL 650

    Like new Dillion XL 650 for sale. I bought it as New old stock last year from a local sporting goods store, bolted it to my bench and I never used it. Come set up to run 308/45 ACP. Comes with the Dillion strong mount, powder warning device, manual and 3 spare parts kits as well as all the...
  10. A

    What are some examples of S/A firearms that are sold and transferred as other firearms?

    Are there any new manufactured commonly available and affordable ($500ish) semi-auto firearms that are sold and transferred as an other firearm? What about semi-auto AOWs with detachable mags? Here is one example of S/A that is classfied as other firearm but it's pretty spendy: BFSIII™ Equipped...