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Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. A person who participates in archery is typically called an archer or a bowman, and a person who is fond of or an expert at archery is sometimes called a toxophilite.

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  1. S

    Coastal Elk

    Good evening all, Let me start this by saying I'm a complete beginner when it comes to archery and elk. I've rifle hunted for a few years, but this is my first season archery hunting. Well, I didn't make it out opening day, but I did make it out for Sunday and Monday. Here's what I saw...
  2. Joe13

    New to archery hunting - what bow to buy?

    Easy thread. Have a line on some private property for elk next year. I've shot multiple kinds of bows in my life but it was a long time ago. Mostly I would like recommendations on what bow to buy (tree stand hunting) make and model would be nice. Not made of money so a good quality to cost...
  3. RicInOR

    Archery Dodgeball

    You have heard of paintball, right? Similar. Video and photos at link: Archery dodgeball is the new sport that has people shooting arrows at you
  4. Mister Bisley

    Tradition-Al Bows

    Howdy folks. Was looking to gather some information on a local bowyer company called, Tradition-Al bows. Any info posted would be appreciated. I’m looking to get into a T/D recurve here in the somewhat near future and have discovered a company in Eagle Creek called Tradition-Al Bows, but there...
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