Regret is a negative conscious and emotional reaction to one's personal decision-making, a choice resulting in action or inaction. Regret is related to perceived opportunity. Its intensity varies over time after the decision, in regard to action versus action, and in regard to self-control at a particular age. The self-recrimination which comes with regret is thought to spur corrective action and adaptation. In Western societies adults have the highest regrets regarding choices of their education.

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  1. CountryGent

    The gun(s) you regretted selling?

    So, for reasons unknown, I'm getting the urge to do another purge of the collection. (Maybe it is a relocation soon or that we're looking at a PS90 for the sidekick or I'm just bored / wacky). There are a handful I'm looking long and hard at selling in the coming days. Which brings up the...
  2. J

    Fox News – Venezuelans regret gun ban, 'a declaration of war against an unarmed population'

    Here is an interesting article concerning Venezuelans' loss of the right to bear arms and forced confiscation: Venezuelans regret gun ban, 'a declaration of war against an unarmed population'
  3. USMC1911

    New gun regret?

    Never thought I would ever purchase a Kimber 1911 ever, ever, ever but here I am! Not my first 1911 but it was just staring at me from the case and lookin so so sexy. On sale also.... Hope I don't regret the decision.
  4. gesasky

    Gear investments, what do you regret?

    Saw this on another forum and thought it was an interesting subject. Any gear (hunting, fishing, backpacking, shooting footwear/clothing ect) that you have bought and regretted? Any you were pleasantly surprised with? The old adage "Buy nice or buy it twice" comes to mind...
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