Oregon City is the county seat of Clackamas County, Oregon, United States, located on the Willamette River near the southern limits of the Portland metropolitan area. Established in 1829 by the Hudson's Bay Company, in 1844 it became the first U.S. city west of the Rocky Mountains to be incorporated.
As of the 2020 census, the city population was 37,572 .

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  1. JustWard29

    New Member here in Oregon City

    Hello, My name is Justin I'm a 29 year old single father with custody of his child. I have a 6 year daughter who loves firearms. I began teaching her gun safety at age 2 and she is in love with the sport. We live on a farm just outside of Oregon City and shoot at least 3 times a week. I have my...
  2. cpy911

    Anyone in Oregon City Area?

    Looking to sell our house and move from Newberg to Oregon City area. Tired of the commute to work near the airport. We have some high school age kids and Oregon City HS seems highly rated. Anyone live in this area? I really appreciate space and noticed a lot of rural areas around Oregon City...
  3. joken

    Oregon City Police and Benchmade destroy guns

    Oregon City Police I suppose this is the PC thing for them to do. I don't think Benchmade should have got involved though.
  4. 556

    Cerokoting near Oregon City?

    Does anyone know of anyone good with cerokote near Oregon City? Or is there something better for changing my ugly Manners stock to something better?
  5. Modeler

    Looking for a prepping group in Oregon City

    Hi All, Haven't been active on the board for a couple years, but I was in the past. I'm looking to join (or start?) a prepping group in the Oregon City area. Looking for mutual benefit, sharing knowledge, group buys on supplies, mutual assistance in SHTF, etc. I'm a Paramedic and a Ham and...
  6. Blowgunner

    Oregon  Oregon City high school to change mascot, removing musket

    Was told today by a buddy who's kids go to oregon city highschool. They just finished painting a new field which incorporated their mascot, Pioneer pete. Pioneer Pete is depicted holding a musket. They are now planning to redo the field, ommiting the musket, and changing all logos school wide...
  7. P

    Fred Meyer in Oregon City is closing out their firearms counter

    They have a couple of Ruger .357s at 20% off right now. The two they have don't appeal to me for various reasons, but they might fit your niche.
  8. WAYNO

    Old Oregon City Photo

    There's lots of photos of Oregon City, but here's one I'd never seen til recently. I would have guessed the very late forties, til I saw what looks like an early fifties Ford(?) sitting at the gas station. It's from the bluff looking towards the river on 99E, just outside the paper mill. The...
  9. Bear

    howdy from Portland (oregon city)

    Names bear and me and my wife are looking forward to being part of this seemingly great community. Hope to take part in public get togethers for shooting events and cleanup opportunities. Also very knowledgeable of particular firearms and love to learn.
  10. Northwest Firearms

    Adaptive Firing Solutions

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Item Adaptive Firing Solutions. Please add to the discussion here.
  11. Liberty97045

    Help me find my German Shepherd

    My Heart is breaking.
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