Renton is a city in King County, Washington, and a suburb of Seattle. Situated 11 miles (18 km) southeast of downtown Seattle, Renton straddles the southeast shore of Lake Washington, at the mouth of the Cedar River.
After a long history as an important salmon fishing area for Native Americans, Renton was first settled by people of European descent in the 1860s, and its early economy was based on coal mining, clay production, and timber export. Today, Renton is best known as the final assembly point for the Boeing 737 family of commercial airplanes, but it is also home to a growing number of well known manufacturing, technology, and healthcare organizations, including Boeing Commercial Airplanes Division, Paccar, Kaiser Permanente, IKEA, Providence Health & Services, UW Medicine, and Wizards of the Coast. As of 2016, the population in Renton is 101,300, up from 90,927 at the 2010 census. Renton currently is the eighth-largest city in Washington and is the fourth largest in King County. Since 2008, the National Football League's Seattle Seahawks have had a training facility in Renton, the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC), which is the second-largest facility in the NFL at 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2).

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  1. ATCclears

    Renton, WA - family ambushed, held at gunpoint in front of kids
  2. T

    Anyone close to JetCity Harley in Renton?

    Anyone over in that area close to that Harley ? 3715 E Valley Rd, Renton, WA, USA They have an air filter cover part I need that is not available online, and they won’t let me pay for it over the phone. Trying to not have to drive from Tri Cities if someone can help! I’ll send you cash thru any...
  3. kbf64

    Fishing near Renton, WA?

    Non-resident looking for a 1-3 day pass, where's the best bet for trout, bass, etc. rather bank / wade fish over this weekend...
  4. D

    New from Renton, WA.

    Hello Everyone! Been pewpewpew-ing for quite a while, but never stumbled on this forum. Found a ton of useful info and then some! Live a couple of blocks from RFGC, even hear some of you guys having fun there, just haven't joined yet. Like almost all of you - looking for nearby, safe and legal...
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