Salem may refer to:
Salem (Bible), the home of Melchizedek as given in Genesis 14:18, possibly to be identified with Jerusalem
Salem, Massachusetts, a city in the U.S. state of Massachusetts
Salem witch trials of 1692, which took place there

Salem, Oregon, the capital of the U.S. state of Oregon
Salem, Tamil Nadu, a city in India
Salem (name), people with the name
Salem may also refer to:

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  1. Buckeyeguy98

    Best place to trade firearms...PDX Metro to Salem

    Just casting a question to the more experienced members out there. Where would you recommend to go to trade/upgrade(+ cash scenario) your firearms. I am looking for a decent selection and decent prices, any suggestions would be appreciated.....and GO!
  2. ernurse

    gun shops in salem for transfer

    Need a shop in salem that does transfers since we live in a commie state. Isnt there one owned by guys here on pnwf
  3. Oathkeeper1775

    Ham Radio Classes & Testing; Salem Area

    I do not have an angle; only sharing information. Testing $5.00 Salem, Oregon VE Sessions Classes with 2 meals $27.00 Ham Radio Classes in Salem, OR
  4. VegetazPride

    Outdoor shooting near Salem

    Hey there just woundering if anyone knows any places close to Salem where people are allowed to go out and shoot?
  5. mrblond

    CC classes in Salem

    I am finally going to get my CC. Can anyone recommend a class in Salem? I know I can google them but I would like input of someone who may have taken one.
  6. Juany

    Salem to Eugene Shooting?

    I am driving down to Eugene on Friday to pick up a side of beef. I was hoping to do some shooting in a new area. Anyone willing to share a shooting spot between Portland and Eugene that's not too far off of I5? I'd apprciate the directions. Thanks.
  7. Tom98915

    Hello from Salem

    Hello to everyone from Salem. Good to see a forum for gun owners in the northwest like myself.
  8. Camelfilter

    West Salem man arrested on suspicion of stealing $12k for 'prepping' gear, guns

    West Salem man arrested on suspicion of stealing $12k for 'prepping' gear, guns Whitney M. Woodworth , Statesman Journal Published 2:15 p.m. PT May 17, 2017 | Updated 7:36 p.m. PT May 17, 2017 TWEETLINKEDIN 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE A West Salem man was arrested on suspicion of stealing more than...
  9. v0lcom13sn0w

    BOLO: Salem area for laptops, scan tools...etc

    Early sunday morning between 3 and 4 AM 4-9-17 our shop, capitol chevrolet cadillac in salem off the parkway was burglarized. the D bag stole our scan tools, a laptop, a camaro, lots and lots of car keys, one guys tools and other electronics. if any of you guys happen to walk into a pawn shop...
  10. F

    Recommend Salem Shop for gun transfers?

    Would you send a gun store/pawn shop you use for gun transfers in Salem. Like everyone I like the $25.00 ones. thanks for the help!
  11. M

    Aloha from west salem

    Just dropping in from Hawaii and landed in west Salem. Lovin it tho. This is my first time off the rock and have no intention of going back. It's colder than what I'm usually used to lol. But i say it's easier to dress warm than to be hot trying to stay cool.
  12. Northwest Firearms

    Four Corners Rod & Gun Club

    This thread is for the general discussion of the shooting range Four Corners Rod & Gun Club. Please add to the discussion here.
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