1. bshnt2015

    Mudding up the water and distraction tactics againist Judge Roger Benitez.

    How far will the mainstream media and politicians go? Judge Roger Benitez who is currently presiding over 2nd A cases that may affect anti-gun laws nationwide. https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/02/us/california-judicial-investigation-judge-handcuffed-teenager/index.html
  2. D

    Water heater question

    House built in 2008, we bought almost 2 years ago. So I don't know if this is original water heater or not. Also not sure what sort of maintenance previous owner did. So I noticed this bit of corrosion on all the fitting connections. I'm wondering if I should start planning to replace it before...
  3. thebigbaby

    Looking for water fowl hunting mentor

    Have gun and ammo. I assume I have clothes that would suffice but that’s only an assumption. I’m a hard worker and not a cheap bubblegum. I won’t give away your spots. I can be a pretty good friend too. If you don’t want to take me under your wing (understandably so) just general advice would be...
  4. sagia308

    T-91 5.56 70gr SP Speer bullet into 1 water bottle and gallon jug expansion test

    that was a big hole entrance into it
  5. sagia308

    40 cal S&W 180 gr hornady XTP hp drilled out larger cavity water jug Expansion test

    well that was cool did better the n i thought
  6. sagia308

    40 cal S&W Barnes Tac HP *Fails to Expand* in water jug test from taurus PT 740

    wow dint think that was going to happein
  7. sagia308

    Water spash test 40 cal & 22lr on a river~ hike

    it was a nice morning u see where it go🙃standby we are experiencing technical difficulties folks
  8. ATCclears

    Jackson, MS - Water pumps fail for 150,000 people

    An unfortunate but good study for one's personal preparedness. https://www.wsj.com/articles/jackson-miss-is-out-of-running-water-after-treatment-plant-pumps-fail-11661869317?st=teyr4wmvjjop204&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink
  9. sagia308

    556 green tips steel core 62 grain into three water jugs today

    Kind of thought it would go through all three
  10. sagia308

    556 70gr bullet Soft Point expansion test into 3 water Jugs👀 🦖 took fight too

    wow got wet that bullet came a part fragmented
  11. sagia308

    04/08 20 gauge Steel ball bearings 4 buck penetration test large water can & mud filled one

    wow that was better penetration then i thought
  12. sagia308

    9MM Hp filled with Vaseline grenades coffee cup with can of water inside

    can is real flat LOL
  13. sagia308

    Stevens 22LR rifle how to 130 yards hits can full of water

    Not the pretty good hole in it too 20 gauge shotgun at the end of video
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