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  1. sagia308

    Citadel WARTHOG 12 Gage Shotgun 00 buck basts! water jug and function test

    nice even with no lubrication oil it didn't jam and function great
  2. sagia308

    308 *130 gr SPEER HP* filled with Vaseline into soda jugs water jug test

    well the Vaseline might of made it over expand some but more likely not a lot more LOL
  3. Phred

    Mainstay Emergency Water Packets

    Recently I updated some water packets with a current date code. Both brands seem similar, but the Daytrex one lists both a build date and an expiration date. The Mainstay brand only lists an expiration date. Question: what would "time out" with these. The current packets have a "best by" date of...
  4. sagia308

    308 SP Bullet into PROPANE CAN FILLED with WATER! TEST causes Huge hole

    wow that was a larger hole then i expected
  5. ATCclears

    EWG Tap Water Database

    Some may find this insightful.
  6. S

    Anyone familiar with wells? Like drilled residential water wells...

    Im looking at buying a property that is currently serviced by a private well. I have a well report that was done (not ordered by me) a few weeks ago and it doesnt look good. Well depth is 60ft, Static water level is 43ft. Tested 0.9GPM for 2hrs. Draw down to 55.5ft Located a couple miles...
  7. Arihead11

    Water for emergency

    In a SHTF or disaster scenario how are you getting water? I just saw this PortaWell on a youtubers video. I think its cool. A little expensive for the full set up. Any thoughts?
  8. B

    Been an expensive summer: water bill

    Just received my water bill for summer, $160. Ooof.....this is the most expensive summer water bill yet since moving into this property. It is double the amount I paid for the same period last year. In the grand scheme of things $160 isn't a lot of money but for just 2 person in the...
  9. arakboss

    Stock tank hot tub idea.

    I was thinking about a making a soaking hot tub using a galvanized stock tank and a set of propane burners. Basically you mount the stock tank securely off the ground insulate it with heat resistant foam of some sort and make a foam board lid for the tank. Mount the burner under the middle of...
  10. sagia308

    285 yards mistakenly shot my water bottle đŸ˜® Sears model 41

    Looks like hitt four times on plate center one hit the rod spun the can lol đŸ˜„
  11. fstdraw

    .223 round under water...

    Just thought I'd share. 3 months ago I dropped one of my reloaded .223 rounds in a bucket of water. I forgot to pluck it out until today while cleaning some paint brushes. It was in the H2O for at least three months. I couldn't very well fire it in town so I removed the bullet and presto...
  12. Cosmoline

    Chlorine Shortage and Water

    There's apparently a chlorine shortage, nationwide that I've only recently heard of. I am curious if this will translate into water shortages and/or water restrictions. I'm wondering what the wisest move would be to prepare for such a thing. Filtration or stock up on water? We have a small store...
  13. Caveman Jim

    Share your exploits on the water.

    We all know that people love to get out on the water to enjoy themselves whether it’s skiing, tubing, fishing or just plain old lounging in the sun. Everybody is wondering, well I can top that story with my story.... :D So let’s hear em, Give us the good the bad and the ugly of those times on...
  14. sagia308

    308 180 gr sierra GAMEKING into 3 soda jugs and 2 water jugs bullet tumble

    wow i dont like it when i can find the bullet , well looks like it stayed together completely no jacket separation at all
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