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  1. rdb241

    Bob "Turd" Fergeson is pushing law makers again, Mag ban and AWB
  2. kbf64

    National  Federal AWB - Runway

    So after the 20th, how long would it take to pass another AWB, and what would the earliest implementation date be? Any guesses? 1 month, 6, 12 months?
  3. AnthonyNorfleet

    Washington  SENATE BILL 5217 Washington AWB

    Let the bubblegumshow begin.
  4. EHJ

    Other State  Florida 2021. AWB Another Bad Bill

    The text:
  5. chipotle

    WA AWB FILED! Details, talking points, and links to comment below!

    Credit again to reddit user u/chunkyhrvatski on r/WA_guns for the writeup: AWB has been filed, we expected this. You must comment on every single bill and you must call and email your representatives. If you have done this then call the attorney general's office and contact Jesse Salomon. As a...
  6. MfnLeadFarmer

    CCW During Last AWB: Preparing For the Next One

    I was not old enough to CCW during the last AWB. Other than a mag limit to 10 rounds, did any of you who were carrying back then encounter any other problems. I’m thinking of buying a wheel gun in 9mm or .45acp (since I have plenty) in response to the possible eventuality. Also do you think...
  7. OldTengu

    Other State  Virginia awb passes house
  8. The Heretic

    National  Sanders: Buyback unconstitutional, but AWB is not? So the Fourth Amendment is valid, but the Second Amendment is not?
  9. B

    National  FPC opposition effort to HR1296 AWB of 2019

    Worth a look and a share... Boss
  10. CountryGent

    National  Dick Morris advises GOP to advocate for AWB.

    The political strategist, pollster, and pundit, Dick Morris is advising Trump and Republicans in Congress to back an "assault weapons" ban to win over the "soccer mom" vote. Really quite sad. Full video here.
  11. slimmer13

    Other State  CA gun rights group sues to overturn AWB
  12. CountryGent

    National  Poll: Majority of Republicans Supports ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

    From the National Review: Poll: Majority of Republicans Supports ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban
  13. N

    Keep em Separate

    Not captitulating on any up coming laws just asking if storing an AR style rifle by seperating the upper and lower eliminated it from being considered an assault rifle. As long as they are not connected are they subject to any classification?
  14. A

    Other State  Deerfield, Illinois AWB Fail.

    Judge Tosses Chicago Suburb's Assault Weapons Ban
  15. A

    Oregon  Sen. Courtney out on medical leave AWB sponsor taking over gavel

    Senate President Peter Courtney taking medical leave Sen. Monnes Anderson is a sponsor of HB3265 and HB3223.
  16. The Heretic

    National  Senator - "supporter" of Second Amendment, now sponsor of AWB

    Senator Who Voted Against Assault Weapons Ban Now Sponsoring Gun Control Bill | HuffPost
  17. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  Salem 9/25/18 Counter AWB Protest

    The anti-gun nutters are having a Ban Assault Weapons Rally at the Capitol in Salem from 11am to 1pm Tuesday 9/25/2018. Ban Assault Weapons Rally How may of us can show up for a Counter Protest at 1pm? Can someone closer to Salem than me (300 miles away) coordinate the permits and parking?
  18. Joe Link

    Oregon  A Portland Church Group Plans to Ask Voters to Ban Assault Weapons in Oregon

    A Portland Church Group Plans to Ask Voters to Ban Assault Weapons in Oregon Edit: I know a major part of this article centers around the fact that it's a church group, but lets try to leave religion out of this and focus on the ballot initiative :s0155:
  19. The Heretic

    Why the AWB failed and a new one would too...

    <broken link removed> Makes good points. Has a good rebuttal (that I just used) for when someone says "we register cars and require drivers licenses and insurance"; and when/how has doing that reduced the incidence of drunk/distracted driving deaths? Interesting point inside considering C&R...
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