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Bob FM is the on-air brand of a number of FM radio stations in Canada and the United States. The Bob FM format features a mix of classic 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s hits with some current hot adult contemporary singles.
BOB FM stations in Canada are (with the exception of London, Ontario's Bob FM station, CHST-FM) all owned by Bell Media. Those in the United States are owned by a variety of companies. Bob FM stations are officially classified as variety hits or adult hits by radio research companies.
It was originally named for the "Best of the Best", and subsequently associated with an everyday character named Bob, and it proved extremely successful in its first implementation on Winnipeg, Manitoba's CFWM. It inspired Rogers Communications to license the Jack FM format at many of its stations, Corus Entertainment's subsequent Joe FM and Dave FM brands, and comparable moves at other stations. Currently a syndicated version of the format is offered by Waitt Radio Networks.
The format was largely conceived by Howard Kroeger, a former executive at CHUM, after attending a friend's 40th birthday party. He took the "Bob" moniker from a country music station (then WBOB, today KFXN-FM) that had broadcast in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market of Minnesota to the south several years earlier.
Many BOB FM stations market themselves with the slogan "Turn your knob to BOB"; this was parodied in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 skit in which TV's Frank creates his own radio station and exhorts viewers to "Turn your crank to Frank", satirizing commercials for BOB 100 FM that were playing in the Minneapolis area at the time.
CHUM Limited's CKLY in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, adopted the format on August 21, 2005, while WLFF in Lafayette, Indiana, jettisoned its country format to introduce Bob to its listeners on December 6, 2007.
Many Bob-FM stations are imaged by Digital Sound & Video, Inc, located in Daytona Beach, Florida.
At least three non variety-hits Bob FM outlets exist, WBYB in Eldred, Pennsylvania, WRBT in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and KLCI in Minneapolis-St. Paul, all of which run a country music format. Kroeger created a similar format and brand, Hank FM, for country stations; that brand has seen limited usage.
The newest Bob FM station in the United States is KVGS in Meadview, Arizona, replaced its alternative rock format.
The newest Bob FM station in Canada is CKX-FM in Brandon, Manitoba, replacing its mainstream rock format.
The first international (Non American or Canadian) Bob Fm launched in early 2016 in George Town, Grand Cayman in The Cayman Islands. 94.9 BOB FM, Grand Cayman ZFBB-FM of Hurley's Entertainment Cayman.

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  1. rdb241

    Washington  Ferguson is crying, what a jerk.

    I can not find any press release yet. But I was listening to the Dori Monson show on Kiro radio. He said that Bob Ferguson has made a statement today that he expects the county Sheriff's that will not enforce I-1639, to enforce it. If they don"t he will hold them liable. The same man that allows...
  2. Jcon268

    Joe Bob Outfitters - are they THAT bad?

    So I'm looking to do a 9mm AR pistol build with...let's just say less than common parts. Things you would't find walking into any local shop - otherwise I'd be there buying them. In the process of building a 9mm AR, there's a lot take into account to get it to function the way you'd expect. So...
  3. ATCclears

    The Myth of the Perfect EDC and Bug Out Bag

    The Myth of the Perfect EDC and Bug Out Bag - The Organic Prepper a snippet: It is good suggestion to have three (or at least two) levels of equipment on you. In reality, it looks like this: Layer One: This is the equipment that will stay with you even in very extreme situations. It is...
  4. D

    Looking for Bill Mac... who lives in Salem. Met you at Miles City, Montana

    We were hunting prairie dogs. I wish I had taken your phone number or some way to contact you.
  5. Vaultman

    Bob Lee Swagger.... Disappoints

    Re-watched Season 1 of "Shooter" on Netflix, for review before starting Season 2 and I think I ruined it. The acting in Season 1 was pretty bad, and I really didn't remember it being that bad. :( I may have to skip Season 2 of Shooter, and watch the movie instead. Bring Marky Mark back....
  6. RicInOR

    RIP Bob Dorough - Schoolhouse Rock

    Bob Dorough, whose catchy 'Schoolhouse Rock' tunes taught kids grammar and math, has died The Very Best Schoolhouse Rock Songs by Bob Dorough TV spots: Watch Schoolhouse Rock TV Show - ABC.com Schoolhouse Rock: The Shot Heard 'Round the World - Watch Season 1 Episode 20
  7. 11Charlie

    SHTF small cooking stove for my BOB

    I know there was a thread on this and can't find it guys. So sorry if this is a repeat. Feel free to tag that thread if you know where it is. Knowing we are heading into the winter months I broke out my little stove that I like to carry in my truck and it just doesn't function the way it...
  8. Kruel J

    Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens dead from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound

    Sad story. I have read many articles from this blog. Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens dead from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound
  9. B

    What have you ditched from your BOB to save weight?

    I recently started looking critically at what could be removed from most BOB's to save weight. I ran into an interesting article where the guy advocated ditching the following since in his opinion a BOB is for 72 hours only and an inch bag is for long term, which to me makes no sense, because if...
  10. B

    Bug out bag weight, do you include a tent and sleeping bag?

    Do you include a tent and sleeping bag with your BOB, at least for winter season? I added them to my BOB recently. I went from 28 lbs to 46 lbs. I had just an emergency bivy space blanket style, thermal blanket/tarp combo, another tarp and some more space blankets. Yes it weighs a lot more...
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