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  1. UnionMillsNW

    Emergency Trip to CA - What Should I Take?

    Hey Folks, I have a family emergency in CA and will be leaving tonight to head south. I'll be gone through the weekend. If I'm ever more than an hour from home I like to have a long gun in my truck. I have two options that don't break CA law: M1 Garand in 308 Pump Shotgun in 20 Gauge I'm...
  2. H

    Farm Animal Feed As An Emergency Human Food Source?

    This is related to the excellent food shortage post due to regional farm flooding. We understand that cheapo big bag crunchy dog food in a severe food shortage or emergency situation might be acceptable as an emergency food source. You are looting the store. Only have time to grab one big...
  3. bolus

    emergency USB battery backups

    Im disappointed in myself that I did not think of this before. Adapter to use your power tool batteries for emergency phone charging. getting ready for hurricane season here
  4. L84Cabo

    Non Emergency Police Contact When Carrying

    ACLDN did an interview with Massad Ayoob this month on how to deal with police in a traffic stop when carrying. Thought some of you might find it useful. Note that many of us will likely disagree with Massad on allowing the officer to search your vehicle. But the rest of the advice seems...
  5. L84Cabo

    Emergency Management of Severe Bleeding in Dogs

    For those of you that have doggos. :) https://www.activeresponsetraining.net/emergency-management-of-severe-bleeding-in-dogs?fbclid=IwAR0yCOcsUM6-9ZP4FolZJlSEgy5qmCeOfdO6LtkgqW1VtHajSgMR1dkmWeI
  6. Oathkeeper1775

    Emergency phone charger

    If a person wanted to recharge their cell phone while out in the wilderness; away from their vehicle and utilities for @ 48 hours, and not depending on solar power, what product is light enough and yet, powerful enough to do the job? Hand cranks look cheap. Storred energy is looking the best...
  7. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  HB 2505 Lock up your guns! Declaring an emergency

    The same as SB 275 Lock up your guns! Declaring an emergency. https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/HB2505
  8. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB 275 Lock up your guns! Declaring an emergency.

    Requires owner or possessor of firearm to secure firearm with trigger or cable lock or in locked container except in specified circumstances. Punishes violation by maximum of $500 fine. If minor obtains unsecured firearm as result of violation, punishes by maximum of $2,000 fine. Provides that...
  9. D

    Body Armor, Wise Emergency Food, Level III Plate, Ruck

    I am looking to sell the following, I am really just looking for cash, but feel free to make offers if anything interests you. Thanks for looking. Wise Company 240 Serving Emergency Food Supply, unopened- SOLD Synergy soft armor, used- SOLD American Blast Lvl III Plate, 1.6lbs, 10x12 Inch, like...
  10. I

    Intro to Emergency Trauma Care - Sherwood, OR

    I've not seen this posted previously so I thought it might be of interest to some. I'm not affiliated with TD other than having taken several of their classes. Where: Threat Dynamics - Sherwood, OR Next Session: Saturday, Jan. 19th 9a-2p Sessions have been getting scheduled every other month...
  11. pharmseller

    Emergency fire starter

    Saw this on the innanet: So I decided to make my own. It was easier than I thought. I used colored wax on one so the contrast would show. I sacrificed the first one I made. My son used flint and steel to light it. It burned strongly for 14 minutes. I’m going to put a few in a...
  12. bgdawgrr

    I’m going crazy..dog food emergency prep.

    My girlfriend has a picky eater little dog. While shopping I came across some new Racheal Ray Nutrish grain free dog food in those sealed plastic containers. The dog goes frickin crazy for them and I see why. I’m sure the meat is not best quality, but I’d totally eat this. (the chicken and beef...
  13. coltemp

    WTS/WTT WA  Emergency Food and Gear, Preparedness Supplies

    Greetings, Time to pair down further the supplies I have. They have been stored well and securely but have been building up. I am whittling down my supplies to those we use regularly and plan to use. Figured I would offer them to people here before more head to the food bank. NOTE Located in...
  14. mrblond

    Water emergency in Salem

    Any of y'all see that? hope you got water stored away. Salem drinking water contaminated, children shouldn't drink tap water
  15. druiseeker

    Favorite Emergency Blankets?

    I've been going through my emergency kits and I've run into my old olive green GI wool blankets. It made me wonder what everybody else keeps in their kits. Do you guys use blankets and sleeping bags, just one of the two, or something else? Any favorite materials other than down or wool?
  16. B

    WTS OR  NEW complete 1 year emergency food and water supply for 4 people $4500 OBO (HALF OF RETAIL)-Portland

    I made this amazing investment in our family back in February... and then our lives went to bubblegum and our financial and space needs have changed. I can't return this because of the astronomical shipping costs, so I would like to sell it at a huge loss to someone local who can pick it up and use...
  17. etrain16

    SW airlines. Beware the Window Seat

    A Southwest Airlines flight made an emergency landing today after the left engine "exploded" in flight sending shrapnel into the cabin, breaking a window and causing a woman to be partially sucked out of the plane. Passengers were able to pull the woman back inside. The plane safely landed, but...
  18. gun.deals

    Blackhawk Assault Load-Out Emergency Response Transport or Trunk Bag - $99.95 shipped

    Blackhawk A.L.E.R.T. 5 (Assault Load-Out Emergency Response Transport or Trunk) Bag, Black - $99.95 shipped
  19. RangerEric

    WTS OR  Emergency Trauma Kit

    Hi guys - I have for sale a few trauma kits that I assembled for another project. All components are recently purchased and unused. These kits were designed with guidance from local LEO’s and EMT’s. They come in a zippered semi-rigid Molle case, and include: - 7" Trauma Sheers - 1 - Gauze...
  20. 3MTA3

    Mountain Lakes 100 Comms Support - A Lot of Fun and Great Emergency Comms Practice

    I got my first real operational experience this past weekend in support of the Mountain Lakes 100 event. If a regular marathon isn't worth your time and and ultramarathon is not enough of a challenge you can run 100 miles of mountain trails between Olallie and Timothy Lake and back. Race details...