1. titsonritz

    WATCH: Air traffic controller guides passenger to safe landing at PBIA after pilot has medical emergency

    Zero flight experience, lucky mofo. WATCH: Air traffic controller guides passenger to safe landing at PBIA after pilot has medical emergency
  2. L

    BOB ready for any emergency escape?

    Not me.:D
  3. Phred

    Mainstay Emergency Water Packets

    Recently I updated some water packets with a current date code. Both brands seem similar, but the Daytrex one lists both a build date and an expiration date. The Mainstay brand only lists an expiration date. Question: what would "time out" with these. The current packets have a "best by" date of...
  4. B

    ReadyWise Emergency Food

    For those looking for some long-term food storage and who happen to have (or know someone who has) a Costco membership... I was wandering around there today for the first time in ages and saw that they have ReadyWise emergency food kits in stock. A 124-serving (~12 day) bucket is ~$60, and a...
  5. M

    Emergency First Aid For Gunshot Wounds Training (Bothell, WA)

    The registration link is https://texaslawshield.secure.force.com/pmtx/evt__quickevent?cancelled_pid=a2b6e000002z6moAAA&id=a2z6e00000bIfK2AAK&lang=en_US I've found the "uslawshield.com/firstaidevents" link just takes you to the general website.
  6. Arihead11

    Water for emergency

    In a SHTF or disaster scenario how are you getting water? I just saw this PortaWell on a youtubers video. I think its cool. A little expensive for the full set up. Any thoughts?
  7. Lennie

    Police find electronic emergency frequency signal-jamming device inside California home

  8. American123

    The emergency “friends and family” gun.

    Recently there was various posts about supplying family, friends or neighbors with a gun. I’ve got my own opinion on handing out firearms to people, and although I definitely wouldn’t advise it in most cases because if they haven’t already done their due diligence already in advance acquire at...
  9. Lennie

    Other State  New York governor declares gun violence a health emergency

  10. Phred

    Vehicle Emergency Kit and Tool Kit Finally Organized

    I was at Goodwill the other day and found a small backpack that was made to organize your picnic stuff (really?) So I bought it for $15. and re-purposed it to organize my road emergency kit. So here is all the stuff I was able to pack in it. I also adjusted my tool kit, contents below...
  11. The Heretic

    PSA: **⚠️ Emergency Full Closure of I-5 tonight ⚠️**

    =AZXrsze3Loa9sfMJBrJI6h3XAWjJP5b36wKjEF7kH_a5zv1P4GWVjp_ak0QLRbaGqgV3qyff9XWWktnhL7LyvO5dgRREY-LgbEGIYHYohYg4eMBvCPLXWT4Yy2qeF-irsNPY3ukJMTmziBtiJuH-ST9JSKwM0lhNtrfgxco4Cd3W1PCJ9rie8sEBUy5JyipqXlsbkXFy44jLJ_dtnDNG8aUi&__tn__=kK-y-y-R']Oregon Department of Transportation will be closing I-5...
  12. EHJ

    Oregon Considering Bill for Emergency Seizure of Private Property.

    https://rfangle.com/politics/oregon-considering-bill-for-emergency-seizure-of-private-property/ https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2021R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/HB2238/Introduced Oregon is following a playbook to the T. Every decision and inaction has been carefully, artfully and...
  13. OldTengu

    House bill 2238 - clarifies governor’s authority to use property in an emergency

    Oregon House bill 2238 Clarification of the governor’s authority of private property during an emergency- https://legiscan.com/OR/text/HB2238/id/2235373
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