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  1. Phred

    Vehicle Emergency Kit and Tool Kit Finally Organized

    I was at Goodwill the other day and found a small backpack that was made to organize your picnic stuff (really?) So I bought it for $15. and re-purposed it to organize my road emergency kit. So here is all the stuff I was able to pack in it. I also adjusted my tool kit, contents below...
  2. The Heretic

    PSA: **⚠️ Emergency Full Closure of I-5 tonight ⚠️**

    =AZXrsze3Loa9sfMJBrJI6h3XAWjJP5b36wKjEF7kH_a5zv1P4GWVjp_ak0QLRbaGqgV3qyff9XWWktnhL7LyvO5dgRREY-LgbEGIYHYohYg4eMBvCPLXWT4Yy2qeF-irsNPY3ukJMTmziBtiJuH-ST9JSKwM0lhNtrfgxco4Cd3W1PCJ9rie8sEBUy5JyipqXlsbkXFy44jLJ_dtnDNG8aUi&__tn__=kK-y-y-R']Oregon Department of Transportation will be closing I-5...
  3. EHJ

    Oregon Considering Bill for Emergency Seizure of Private Property. Oregon is following a playbook to the T. Every decision and inaction has been carefully, artfully and...
  4. OldTengu

    House bill 2238 - clarifies governor’s authority to use property in an emergency

    Oregon House bill 2238 Clarification of the governor’s authority of private property during an emergency-
  5. B

    Get ready for more riots: Louisville under state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision

    I highly doubt they will be charged. They didn't use the no-knock warrant, the boyfriend shot at them through the door, they shot back, well within their rights. Once there is an announcement there are no charges, get ready for chaos. Then again, with the way things are, you will be charged for...
  6. Ura-Ki

    Air Force Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing After Taking Gunfire over Virginia This isn't good at all! No real details yet, ongoing investigation! Whom ever did this is going to be spending a lot of time behind bars!
  7. RicInOR

    H.E.B Stores Emergency Preparedness Plan - Put into Action for COVID-19
  8. DB is Here

    National  Truckers Call for Second Amendment Right Nationwide During Emergency
  9. Tony617

    Washington  Bellingham Washington- includes ban on alcohol and gun sales in proposed coronavirus emergency plan

    City in Washington includes ban on alcohol and gun sales in proposed coronavirus emergency plan
  10. The Heretic

    When the COVID-19 emergency is over (or "settles down") what will you do differently?

    I am going to: 1) Procrastinate less 2) Do a better job of inventorying (see below) 3) Get more safety gear (filter masks, eye protection, nitrile gloves) 4) Get my CHL 5) Get more sanitizing supplies
  11. S

    Trump Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus

    Watching the press conference right now. Not a surprise at all. However, Trump is a little rough........ he is either sick or very nervous about the situation... Obviously didnt have time to practice reading his notes, but it was rough. Buckle your seatbelts...
  12. Knebel

    Emergency frequency? Forest Walky Talky

    I just bought a set of fancy Cobra Radios to take in the forest with me. I'm wondering, are there any certain frequencies that I should program in that a lot of people use in the Tillamook Forest? I mainly bought them for emergency situations if our car breaks down or we have a medical...
  13. rutilate

    Washington  Easy Action of the Day: STOP THEM!

    Today we NEED ALL HANDS: Stop scrolling and take 2 minutes: LEAVE A COMMENT ON SHB 2240 (Mag ban) & EMAIL ALL HOUSE (D)s! TODAY (Yes, even on a holiday) THREE EASY STEPS WE’RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Legislators are complaining about being inundated. WELL DONE! Yesterday they delayed key votes on...
  14. DLS

    State of Emergency in Virgina
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