A country is a region that is identified as a distinct national entity in political geography. A country may be an independent sovereign state or one that is occupied by another state, as a non-sovereign or formerly sovereign political division, or a geographic region associated with sets of previously independent or differently associated people with distinct political characteristics. Regardless of the physical geography, in the modern internationally accepted legal definition as defined by the League of Nations in 1937 and reaffirmed by the United Nations in 1945, a resident of a country is subject to the independent exercise of legal jurisdiction.
Sometimes countries refers both to sovereign states and to other political entities, while other times it refers only to states. For example, the CIA World Factbook uses the word in its "Country name" field to refer to "a wide variety of dependencies, areas of special sovereignty, uninhabited islands, and other entities in addition to the traditional countries or independent states".[Note 1]

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  1. T

    New here, and leaving the country soon.

    I moved to the NW last October, and just found this forum, unfortunately right before I’m leaving the area. Wish I had found this sooner, I would have liked to find some good areas to go shooting.
  2. C

    Speaking of reasonable stilettos (to you Country Gent)

    $21.00 is an inexpensive option for a quality boot knife (dagger shape blade). Made by Kershaw, this might be worth a look. This is Amazon's current asking price.
  3. Keys1971

    Moving to grizzly country

    Hey all, I'm moving to the Flathead County area of Montana and I was wondering what type of sidearm you would carry while hiking. My thought would be either a S&W 629 in .44 or a Glock 10mm. I'm leaning more towards the Glock due to my experience and training. However a .44 has its upside...
  4. etrain16

    National  Country Singer Justin Carter Dead at 35 after Accidental Shooting

    Apparently an accidental shooting with a gun being used as a prop in a music video. No details yet on how it occurred. Very sad to hear this. My condolences to his family. Here is one link to the story, still developing: Country Singer Justin Carter Dead at 35 After Accidental Shooting Now...
  5. PNWguy

    Cheapest way to live in the country?

    With the Anti-gunners in Washington going nuts with new gun laws, I've considered moving to Idaho. I've been in my house for almost 5 years and owe $95k on it. Current market I could sell it for $140k pretty easily. Planning on putting another $3k into it this spring to remodel the bathroom...
  6. DuneHopper

    Why Do You Love This Country. ?

    Why Do You Love This Country. ? So much negative information and fighting for our-rights lately, so break time. SO... why you love this country.
  7. rdb241

    This Country has gone totally insane

    Tennessee Lawmaker Wants to Criminalize Drinking Fresh Milk from Your Own Cow
  8. arakboss

    National  Is there any federal license required to assemble and sell AR uppers in country?

    The assembly and sale of the uppers would be intended for profit.
  9. L

    New Guy from all over the country

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker and learner and finally decided to introduce myself. Glad to be here and learning a lot. Lived and worked in 46 of the 50 states (still have Alaska, Maine, Vermont & Rhode Island) but we bought property in Kemp, Texas with my SIL & DIL and plan to retire there near...
  10. g.i. joe

    New Mexico is wild country, indoor shooting?

    Bought an awesome home in northern NM, sight unseen. We are actually really pleased with it considering the chance we took. But this is some wild country. I was looking at the door to the garage and noticed some divits and holes in the adobe brick and solid timber door. It was a typical handgun...
  11. Joe Link

    National  The Gun Control Policy Gaining Bipartisan Support Across the Country

    The Gun Control Policy Gaining Bipartisan Support Across the Country
  12. Gootz

    Cross country trip carry and travel questions

    I am thinking of doing an RV cross country trip in the US through several states and wanted to see if any of you have researched the carry and travel laws. I have a carry permit for both OR and WA and I did a bit of research on this site to familiarize myself with state concealed license...
  13. ATCclears

    5 Common (wrong) assumptions about living in the country

    There are some interesting considerations in the article. 5 Common (wrong) assumptions about living in the country | The Modern Survivalist
  14. DuneHopper

    Why I Love My Country .

    Why I Love My Country . Too Much Negativity Lately so started a Thread Why I Love My Country, Please Share Yours If You Are So Inclined ! My country I feel great pride as an American, we live in a land where the oceans views are breath taking to the highest Mountain ranges, to the enticing and...
  15. gesasky

    Any real honky-tonks left?

    Anybody know of any good watering holes or honky-tonks in/around Central Oregon?? Or at least a place that still plays REAL country music??
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