assault weapons ban

REDIRECT Assault weapons legislation in the United States

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  1. The Heretic

    Ok, top this. Uranium, whiskey, rattlesnake, stolen car and a gun...

    Couple arrested for driving stolen car filled with uranium, a rattlesnake and whiskey: "There's quite a few unanswered questions"
  2. titsonritz

    Assault Weapons Ban 2019

    Here we go, again... Senators Introduce Assault Weapons Ban Feinstein Assault Weapon Ban of 2019 [EXPLAINED] -
  3. trikerdon

    Oregon Attorney General Issues Ballot Title for Assault Weapons Ban

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  4. Joe Link

    Oregon  Ceasefire Oregon, NRA agree assault weapons ban would bar nearly all semi-automatic sales

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  5. ZigZagZeke

    National  The assault weapons ban didn't work. A new version won't, either

    The assault weapons ban didn't work. A new version won't, either
  6. Defense Minister

    Oregon  Resources to Stop Initiative Petition 43

    This thread was created to provide information all in one place for those who wish to participate in stopping Initiative Petition 43; I hope that includes everyone reading this. Information here will be modified as the petition progresses. Please keep this thread short by only posting...
  7. Joe Link

    Oregon  NRA responds as supporters of proposed assault weapons ban in Oregon turn in signatures

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  8. rcrown

    Assault weapon Ban 2018, that is trying to get passed

    Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 | Assault Weapon | Magazine (Firearms)
  9. Stomper

    National  SCOTUS refuses to hear case against Maryland ban

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  10. N

    Washington  Assault Weapons ban HB1134

    We all need to stand together.
  11. cowgirlkaboom

    Washington Assault Weapons Ban Proposed

    Here we go again: Military-style weapons ban proposed in Washington legislature
  12. guitarguy

    Washington  Washington State Assault Weapons Ban hearing at 1:00 today on TVW

    A friend works in Olympia and he just let me know there will be a hearing on the proposed Assault Weapons Ban on channel TVW at 1:30 today. I will have a copy of the proposal today. CORRECTION 1:30 not 1:00
  13. Doc In UPlace

    July 1 Democratic Platform Draft: "Gun Violence Prevention"

    This is where it was before the holiday started; remember- this is a draft, but I think it's good to know what direction they're headed in their own words. Presented here without comment. " Gun Violence Prevention With 33,000 Americans dying every year, Democrats believe that we must...
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