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A public service announcement (PSA) is a message in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge to raise public awareness and change behavior. In the UK, they are generally called 'public information films' (PIFs); in Hong Kong, they are known as 'announcements in the public interest' ('APIs').

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  1. Team Mazama

    Public Service Announcement - Oregon FICS Queue under 1,000

    Howdy everyone! As of today 7/8/23 the Oregon State Police firearms background check queue is sitting at just under 700 pending submissions. For those who may not know, the queue had reached around 48,000 in November, and it was taking many folks a month or longer to get cleared for their...
  2. rhollister71


  3. arakboss

    "New" 25 Million Funding Announcement From Everytown Should Be Gun Free Organization New as of August:)
  4. ZigZagZeke

    Public Service Announcement - Prices!

    Just a word to the wise. I bought this S&W 66-2, 4" stainless K frame about 2012 for $500. I stumbled across an ad for an identical pistol on line today and was amazed to see the selling prices of this and similar models currently at $1100 and up. Without looking I would have priced mine at...
  5. arakboss

    Donation sale announcement allowed or not?

    I am planning on donating at least 10% of sales I make during a three day period this month to NWFA. Is it OK to preannounce this donation period in a thread on the forum or do I have to wait until the day the donation period begins by mentioning the donation offer in each ad? If it is allowed...
  6. Joe Link

    Announcement  Please welcome our new moderator, No_Regerts!

    Please join me in welcoming @No_Regerts to our mod team!
  7. Joe Link

    Announcement  Please welcome our new moderator, Orygun!

    Please join me in welcoming @orygun to our mod team!
  8. Joe Link

    Announcement  The 2020 NWFA Fall Fundraiser Begins Now!

    Northwest Firearms is happy to announce the Northwest Firearms 2020 Fall Fundraiser We hold these twice yearly events to raise funds necessary to keep Northwest Firearms online. With traditional ad networks such as Google refusing to do business with firearm websites, we rely on support from...
  9. User 1234

    Public service announcement for 03 FFLs

    I’ve seen people on various message boards boast about burning their bound books when their C&R expires. Just as an FYI, the ATF’s regulations require licensees (both dealers and collectors) to retain their bound books for 20 years. 27 CFR 478.129(e)...
  10. Joe Link

    Announcement  Ignore Feature Updated

    In hopes of reducing conflicts between members, we upgraded the functionality of our ignore feature yesterday afternoon. Those of you who've been asking for this (for years now, I know), it's finally here :) Old Ignore - Prior to this update, ignoring another member was one-sided: you click the...
  11. Joe Link

    Announcement  You broke the meter! Thank you for your support

    All I can say is, wow :s0001: Since sending this message to all of our members two weeks ago, the outpouring of support has been incredible. Though I learned long ago that you can't please everyone, it was only last year that someone suggested I make a choice as to who I do want to please and...
  12. Joe Link

    Announcement  The Future of Northwest Firearms

    This message was sent to our members on August 31st, 2020. It is posted here for reference. If you have any questions, please contact @Joe Link. ============ For better or worse, Northwest Firearms has been my life's work. Watching this grow from a spur of the moment idea to a thriving...
  13. User 1234

    Public Service Announcement

    Muzzle break: Muzzle brake:
  14. Joe Link

    Announcement  Site Updates - 2020.02.28

    Update complete! Feel free to post your questions here and if you see any bugs please let me know! :) Created Supporting Vendors page. Added link to Supporting Vendors page to footer. Updated Supporting Vendor 90x30 banners for high resolution devices. Added auto-refresh option to Latest...
  15. Joe Link

    Announcement  Site Updates - 2020.02.11

    Our update this morning added a couple features and made some changes that I wanted to let all of you know about. Feel free to post your questions here and if you see any bugs please let me know! New Features Redeveloped New page. The New Posts page still works as it did before. With the...
  16. Joe Link

    Announcement  Badge System

    @11Charlie mentioned in the Washington rally thread that members who attended should get a banner under their name, and I agree. It just so happens I've had something in the works pertaining to this, a new badge system. This system isn't quite ready but being as we're to the point where members...
  17. Joe Link

    Announcement  New Classified Feature - Promoted Ads

    During our last fundraiser we received many suggestions on how we might raise additional funds for Northwest Firearms. I'm happy to announce that we're ready to give this a shot. This new feature will allow members to increase the visibility of their ads by sticking them at the top of classified...
  18. Tony617

    WWSD2020 - Project Launch & Mk3 Lower Announcement

  19. Joe Link

    Announcement  Shopping Online? Use Northwest Firearms Affiliate Links

    I want to preface this with a simple statement: If you want to Support Northwest Firearms, please try to support our Supporting Vendors before shopping elsewhere. Sales are the main reason they advertise with us, and without their financial support this site literally wouldn't be here. With the...
  20. CountryGent

    National  Kids Use Back-To-School Supplies To Escape Shooter In Shocking Gun Safety Ad

    Put out by Sandy Hook Promise: Kids Use Back-To-School Supplies To Escape Shooter In Shocking Gun Safety Ad
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