High technology, often abbreviated to high tech (adjective forms high-technology, high-tech or hi-tech) is technology that is at the cutting edge: the most advanced technology available.
As of the onset of the 21st century, products considered high tech are often those that incorporate advanced computer electronics. However, there is no specific class of technology that is high tech—the definition shifts and evolves over time—so products hyped as high-tech in the past may now be considered to be everyday or outdated technology.
The opposite of high tech is low technology, referring to simple, often traditional or mechanical technology; for example, a calculator is a low-tech calculating device.

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  1. DuneHopper

    Security Camera Tech question

    I am and have been upgrading my Camera system to a HD 4K IR/Motion Night Vision . I have a 720P monitor, and only has VGA and DVI. So not going to view the highest resolution on this monitor. My Security systems DVR has VGA and HDMI, but my monitor doesn't..... soooo. Is a TV monitor or...
  2. DB is Here

    National  Tech giant brings software to a gun fight

  3. T

    Interesting new tech, but I wonder what else it could be used for...

    Hm.... a round object that lets air and light thru, but reduces sound by 94%? Scientists have discovered a shape that blocks all sound–even your co-workers
  4. CHLChris

    Cowitness a red dot with Tech Sights on 10/22?

    I have my 10/22 with a rail-mounted pistol red dot. In my case a Sig Romeo1, but I also have a Vortex Venom available. I just installed Tech Sights because I love that aperture setup, the rail-mounted version, but the level is the same as the 200. Both my Romeo1 and Venom are too high above...
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