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An army (from Latin arma "arms, weapons" via Old French armée, "armed" (feminine)) or ground force is a fighting force that fights primarily on land. In the broadest sense, it is the land-based military branch, service branch or armed service of a nation or state. It may also include other branches of the military such as the air force via means of aviation corps. Within a national military force, the word army may also mean a field army. They differ from army reserves who are activated only during such times as war or natural disasters.
In several countries, the army is officially called the Land Army to differentiate it from an air force called the Air Army, notably France. In such countries, the word "army" on its own retains its connotation of a land force in common usage. The current largest army in the world, by number of active troops, is the People's Liberation Army of China with 2,250,000 active troops and 800,000 reserve personnel followed by the Indian Army with 1,129,000 active troops and 2,142,900 reserve personnel.
By convention, irregular military is understood in contrast to regular armies which grew slowly from personal bodyguards or elite militia. Regular in this case refers to standardized doctrines, uniforms, organizations, etc. Regular military can also refer to full-time status (standing army), versus reserve or part-time personnel. Other distinctions may separate statutory forces (established under laws such as the National Defence Act), from de facto "non-statutory" forces such as some guerrilla and revolutionary armies. Armies may also be expeditionary (designed for overseas or international deployment) or fencible (designed for – or restricted to – homeland defence).

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  1. jlhopwo

    Not an m4m thread... looking for old Army buddy

    So I recently moved here, and heard from another friend that an old Army buddy lives/lived in this area (Portland OR). His name is Ron Johanson/Johanssen I can't remember lol; he's about 55 or so I think. Lost touch with him a long time ago. I've tried a few phone numbers for him, but no joy...
  2. gun.deals

    Red Army Standard 7.62X39mm 122 Gr. FMJ/HP 20 Rnds - $4.49

    Red Army Standard 7.62X39mm 122 Gr. FMJ/HP 20 Rnds - $4.49 ($5 S/H over $99 w/code "47SHIP")
  3. AMProducts

    Explosion at #LCAAP (Lake City Army Ammunition Plant) "The explosion was in a primer mixing cell." 1

    Deadly Explosion at Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri | Military.com
  4. gun.deals

    Red Army Standard 7.62x39mm HP/FMJ 20 Rnds - $4.49 ($5 S/H over $99)

    Red Army Standard 7.62x39mm HP/FMJ 20 Rnds - $4.49 ($5 S/H over $99 w/code "47SHIP")
  5. joken

    Colt Army Special

    32-20 Bought it yesterday Mgf in 1919 and in nice condition for 99 years old.
  6. HuckleberryFun

    Army Ranger Shoots Buddy

    An Army Ranger based at Joint Base Lewis McChord "accidentally" (?) shot his friend. "I didn't know it was loaded". o_O <broken link removed>
  7. S

    Fresh out of the Army

    Thanks for the add. I recently was medically retired out of the Army and moved back to the Northwest. I'm in Salem, Or. Looking forward to meeting some new people and talking guns.
  8. infinite

    WTS OR  Classic Army Vietnam M4 airsoft - Full Metal, Black, cartridges, bag

    For sale: Used but excellent condition, works beautifully!! - Classic Army Vietnam era M4 airsoft rifle - ArmaLite Inc. Carbine XM177 E2 M15A1 SER #000096 Full metal! Upgraded MCE barrel/battery chamber. Blacked out muzzle for games. Sling clip. Comes with 10 full sized cartridges for game use...
  9. WAYNO

    Service/Speed Six in the Army

    Maybe some know, but at one time the Service and/or Speed Six was the replacement for the old S&W M&P .38 Spl revolvers, for Army aircrews. I stumbled on this photo in my archives, a photo of the Army repair manual If you ain't Cav, you ain't spit! WAYNO. 3/5 Air Cav.
  10. U

    New Zealand picks Lewis Machine & Tool for its new Army Rifle

    The government of New Zealand is ordering 8,800 LMT Mars-L rifles from US gunmaker Lewis Machine & Tool, to equip its Army, and replace its old Steyr AUG rifles. LMT beat out Colt, Steyr Mannlicher, Beretta, CZ, FN Herstal, and Heckler and Koch to win the contract. Supposedly, LMT...
  11. Mark W.

    One of Dallas shooters reported to be Army Reservist

    On AOL Snipers kill at least five Dallas police during protest over black shootings (http://www.aol.com/article/2016/07/08/two-police-officers-shot-at-protest-in-dallas-local-tv/21426172/)
  12. Jamie6.5

    Army Vet Shoots Bald Eagle Out of Tree

    No, not like that! He rescued it! He shot the tree, and then the rope the eagle was tangled in, and freed it. Army veteran rescues eagle dangling upside down from 75-foot tree...
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