UBM Technology Group, formerly CMP Publications, was a business-to-business multimedia company that provided information and integrated marketing services to technology professionals worldwide. It offered marketers and advertisers services such as print, newsletters, custom web sites, and events. Its products and services include newspapers, magazines, Internet products, research, education and training, trade shows and conferences, direct marketing services and custom publishing.
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, UBM Technology Group was a part of UBM, a global business-to-business (B2B) events organiser which in turn owned by Informa and later absorbed into Informa Tech.

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  1. 415DET

    CMP Rifle/Pistol Marksmanship Class

    Greetings, My shooting buddy and I just returned from the Civilian Marksmanship Program's Western Games at the Ben Avery rannge in Phoenix. Excellent facility, but wind is a big issue!! We spend nine days shooting vintage and service rifle matches with some excellent folks. The CMP staff wanted...
  2. nehalemguy

    CMP Service Grade M1

    Took delivery on my first M1 rifle yesterday. Pretty happy with what I got. Springfield Armory receiver with a 5.9 million serial number which should land about 1956 year of mfg. Barrel is 11/55 and also Springfield so about a 95% chance that this is the the original barrel. The rifle went...
  3. Pahonix

    CMP behind on Shipping

    I contacted the civilian marksmanship program about a mail order I sent off on June 8th for an M1 Garand. They informed me today that the 14-16 week delay is not accurate anymore. As of today, they are still processing orders received in late April, early May and could be a lot longer to...
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