The Marine is a 2006 American action film directed by John Bonito. The film stars John Cena, Robert Patrick and Kelly Carlson. It was produced by the films division of WWE, called WWE Studios, and distributed in the United States by 20th Century Fox.

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  1. 1775usmc

    Happy Birthday Marines

    Tomorrow marks the 245th Birthday of the best military branch in the world. 245 years of winning hearts and minds. Happy Birthday killers. Semper Fi!
  2. RedCardinalSeven

    Black Marine Corps vet holds US flag high amid riots in Portland; gets trailed home by Antifa
  3. joken

    Oregon State Marine Board

    Another freaking permit in the works $17 a year for kayaks and inflatables. The Marine Board listened to waterway managers such as city, county, and state parks, as well as paddling clubs and organizations, combined with individual paddlers and one thing everyone agrees on: Oregon needs more...
  4. RicInOR

    Unfit. Could You Pass a Military Entrance Fitness Exam?

    I remember the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness, and being tested. But For a SHTF situation, being, at least minimally, physically able, seems to me, to be a requirement for survival. If someone tries to sucker=punch you with some ramen cup, would you be able to survive? Facing...
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