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sig sauer

SIG SAUER, Inc., headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, is the largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers with facilities in Germany and Switzerland. A dedication to superior quality, ultimate reliability, and unmatched performance has made SIG SAUER pistols and rifles the firearm of choice for responsible citizens and many of the world's most elite military, government, and law enforcement units. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, SIG SAUER also manufactures and distributes Elite Performance Ammunition, Silencers, Electro-Optics, tactical accessories and apparel. Additionally, the company operates a world-renowned training facility, the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire.

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  1. J

    Sig MPX 8 Inch Gen 2

    Sig MPX 8 inch Gen 2 includes 8 Qty 30 round mag ($430 value) 2 Qty 20 round mag ($60 value) 1 Qty Lancer MPX mag Cinch ($25 value) 1 Qty Lancer Carbon Fiber 8” hand guard ($245 value) 1 Qty Next Level advanced kit with Block and ambi charging handle ($95 value) 1 Qty PSB collapsible Brace...
  2. RainMan_PNW

    Sig XRay3 pistol sights #6/#6 (P229 Legion take-offs)

    I’ve got a set of 6/6 Sig XRay3 night sights that I took off of my P229 Legion 9mm (I replaced them with suppressor sights). These are from mid 2018, so plenty of life left in them. Only about 100 rounds through the pistol they were on before I took them off (if that really makes any difference...
  3. RainMan_PNW

    SigLite night sights #8/#8

    I’ve got a set of 8/8 SigLite night sights that I took off of my P320 slide in place of some suppressor-height sites. These are from late 2018 (date code AR), so plenty of life left in them. Only about 100 rounds through the pistol they were on before I took them off (if that really makes any...
  4. D

    Mirzon Sig Sauer P320 Enhanced Grip Module

    Black - NIB https://mirzon.com/products/grip-module-for-sig-sauer-p320
  5. P

    Sig Sauer Railed 1911

    For sale
  6. O

    Sig Sauer SIG556 Classic Rifle - $1500 OBO

    Sig Sauer SIG556 Classic 5.56mm rifle, piston-driven; in excellent condition; kept dry in storage case No more than 150-200 rounds shot with it. Always cleaned and oiled. Includes collapsible stock, laser pointer, tactical sling, stock grip/bipod mount, rail-mounted light, and battery-powered...
  7. kamaaina1

    Sig Sauer M18, Antisapating release date

    Hello folks! Anyone else antispating the release of the Sig Sauer M18? I'm not really interested in the M17, but the M18 interests me. I've been holding of purchasing a M11-A1 in anticipation of the M18 release, but you know how that will go; I'll end up purchasing both.... ;)
  8. C

    Sig Sauer P229 Legion Chambered in .357 Sig

    950 Shipped FFL-->FFL This gun is in like new condition and has had less than 150rds through it. Comes with: Armory Craft Flat Trigger (installed), original trigger, original box, both mags, manual, Legion case and coin, an Alien Gear Owb holster, and 1 box of ammo. Easiest contact ig...
  9. littleliver

    Sig Sauer P220R5 Elite 10mm

    Sig Sauer Model 220R5-10-SSE-SAO, Lipsey's exclusive. Has all original papers and plastic case as well as a Sig soft case. LNIB - Never fired but has had the front sight changed to a Truglo FTO. I have the orignial. Comes with 4 magazines, 2 pictured, I forgot to photo the other 2. $1250, FFL...
  10. S

    Sig sauer M400 AR w/extras

    I have a Excellent Sig M400 AR with extras First the visual comforts of MagpulStock/pistol grip and trigger guard in FDE and a Firefield key mod hand-guard with FDE angled grip. Internally, the 10 lb Sig stock trigger has been replaced with a Timney 3.5 LB tigger. Its topped with a Sig Romeo5...
  11. dorknexus

    T-Rex Arms - Raptor AIWB Holster for Sig P239 (9mm)

    Bought this holster new hoping it would work with my Sig P239 chambered in .357 SIG. It was made to fit the 9mm model of the P239. Turns out there's enough of a difference between the two that they aren't interchangeable, so I'm selling it. Color is Royal Purple. Asking $45.
  12. drewp

    sig sauer p290rs 9mm

    got in trade from a member here a while back, it's a neat little gun but in all honesty I'm not a sig guy. great condition and well taken care of by previous owner. $290 in forest grove or banks ffl
  13. R

    WTS - 6.5 Creedmoor Sig Sauer Primed Brass

    200 Pieces of Sig Sauer brass that is once fired. Brass has been tumbled, sized and primed with CCI 200 primers. Brass is ready to load. $80.
  14. aksu747

    Sig Sauer MPX Copperhead with CTS 1400

    Putting my MPX Copperhead with Crimson Trace CTS 1400 3.25 moa red dot, 1 20 Rd mag, 2 30 Rd mags, box and Sig manual.(warranty card still untouched) This has a 3.5 inch barrel and is very compact with the included pistol brace. I changed out the original grip for a Magpul Moe+ but the original...