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  1. Deathdealer503

    What rings will fit this scope

    i just purchased this scope off eBay for a really good price. What size rings will I need for it, it going on a M1a I just purchased, that has a full rail already installed on it.
  2. fmiller

    .357 loads don’t fit

    I hey Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? My 357 loads won’t fit in the cylinder- they go halfway in and get stuck. Tightening down my crimp die seems to help but I think I’m WAY overdoing it. Here’s a pic - does this look right? What it doesn’t really show is the outline of the...
  3. Joe Link

    International  Major change to firearms licensing means people have to prove they are medically fit to own a gun

    Major change to firearms licensing law backed by police
  4. RicInOR

    Unfit. Could You Pass a Military Entrance Fitness Exam?

    I remember the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness, and being tested. But For a SHTF situation, being, at least minimally, physically able, seems to me, to be a requirement for survival. If someone tries to sucker=punch you with some ramen cup, would you be able to survive? Facing...
  5. 41mag

    seeking short picatinny rail to fit GP100

    never mind
  6. The Heretic

    Q: What barrels will fit in a SIG P229 Compact 9mm??

    I traded for a slightly used SIG P229 about 10 years ago. It looks the most like the current M11-A1. No under rails. I have read from time to time that some P229s can be converted to .357 SIG, or .40 S&W simply by dropping in those barrels? That might be interesting to do, although I prefer...

    Safariland 568 STX Plain Black Custom Fit Pistol Holsters - $19.95 (Free S/H)

    Safariland 568 STX Plain Black Custom Fit Pistol Holsters - $19.95 (Free S/H)
  8. easy-e

    AR-15 Stock Tight Fit + BCM SOPMOD Review

    I'm having the opposite problem as this other thread about AR Stock Rattle: AR stock rattle... I've been worried about the new BCM SOPMOD stock I bought about a month ago because I initially couldn't get it onto the receiver extension/buffer tube of my BCM rifle. How tight are these things...
  9. 11Charlie

    Home preparedness and retrofit

    After several other threads on the possible big one hitting the PNW it has gotten me thinking. How prepared are we. I'm not talking your preps or your get home bag or even a bug out bag. What really made me think was how safe is my family at home. Does everyone have a plan on the safest...

    Safariland 568 STX Plain Black Custom Fit Pistol Holsters - $25 (Free S/H)

  11. The Heretic

    Would any Hogue rubber overmoulded stock fit a CZ 527 M??

    If so, which one? I know they make them for full sized Mausers
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