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Old or OLD may refer to:

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  1. J

    Gun collection- antiques, collectible, milsurp, Winchester , Remington, springfield

    Large collection of guns. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m asking on what. M1Garand with 500 rounds - $1350 Winchester 1899 lever action (.32ws) $1000 Remington model 8 (.25-35 Remington) $1000 1896 Krag $600 1880s Remington rolling block $400 Sks $400 with 100+ rounds Winchester 69 $200 Henry .22...
  2. J

    1823 Springfield Rifle Caplock conversion from Flintlock

    up for sale is a wonderful piece of early american history and civil war history. It is an 1823 Springfield flintlock, that was converted into a caplock for use in the civil war. I was told, when I bought it, that it was a "dropped" recovery. Now this gun is sturdy, but does have its...
  3. Mikej

    check out some OLD lures......

    dug out of the attic..... Any one here old enough to have fished with these? :) Man, I've had this stuff stashed in the attic of the garage for 18 years. I'm not even sure where all of it came from. The first two pics are of my Dad's tackle box. He gave me the box, probably 25 years ago...
  4. AussieShooter

    Old shooter getting back in

    Gday, Im an Australian, lived in the WA for nearly 16 years on a business visa. I did a fair amount of rifle & some hand gun shooting back in Australia before the government made a hard left turn on gun laws. I recently attained my green card (permanent residency) I'll be eligible to apply for...
  5. UnionMillsNW

    What OLD firearm would you like to see in a Modern Caliber?

    I think the Remington Model 8 is a really cool rifle...but it's chambered in essentially defunct calibers. I'd love to see the Model 8 in a modern caliber (300 BLK would make sense but I think .357 would be way cool too) What old firearm would you like to see in a modern caliber?
  6. 762x39

    Old Copies of NW Hunting and Fishing Newspaper

    I am wondering if any of you readers have copies of NW Hunting and Fishing Newspaper? Specifically, it was a tabloid newspaper offered at most magazine racks and quick stop stores. I am trying to find an issue that came out in the80's that I was pictured on the lower front page with a king size...
  7. RicInOR

    Defensive Machete Use - by 11 yr old

    Mebane home intruder thwarted by 11-year-old with machete walks out of hospital, Orange County sheriff says MEBANE, N.C. "The thieves forced the 11-year-old, who was home alone, into a bedroom closet at gunpoint." Is "thief" the right word? They have forced their way into the home using a...
  8. tinkerbill

    WTB OR  Old 22LR rifle and/or parts, working or not

    Looking for a bargain 22LR rifle, working or fixable for our older widowed neighbor. Coyotes are eating her chickens! We live way out in sparsely populated area and she has roughly 2 dozen (at last count) laying hens that are free range during the day. Coyotes have mostly been waiting at a...
  9. 8

    My dad's old model 12 12 gage.

    WTS My dad's old model 12 12 gauge. My dad's old model 12 12 gauge. Any idea what my dads old model 12 12 gauge. He bought it new in the early 1930's and use it for many year hunting back in Nebraska. My son has no interesting in guns so I might just as well sell it ( and a few others) as I...
  10. WillametteWill

    Old dog new tricks, Gunsite 250 Pistol

    After decades of dreaming about attending a class at Gunsite I finally made it a few weeks ago with my bride (@SouthernGirl ). I decided well before arriving that I was going to be completely open and try everything suggested. Old dogs can learn new tricks. To keep this short and not too...
  11. DB is Here

    Smith & Wesson Took a 100 Year Old Gun And Did Something Amazing

    Smith & Wesson Took a 100 Year Old Gun And Did Something Amazing
  12. RaceFan

    OLD Marlin 60 & Accuracy Issue

    My Marlin 60 was the very first firearm given to me; so ~40 years old now. Until a few months ago, it sat unfired for more than 25 years. After a thorough cleaning and lube job, I fired it and tested several ammo types. The bullets flew everywhere. At 50 yards, I would get one hit near target...
  13. UnionMillsNW

    Old Hunting Pictures

    Looking through some old photos I came across this picture of my Grandfather circa 1948. He was a Pearl Harbor veteran and claimed he used a rifle he checked out from the Navy armory to take this buck (although he may have embellished a bit). No fancy gear, just a young man and the wild...