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  1. K

    Does anybody need work. Clackamas 503 655 3883

    Does anybody need a temporary job
  2. The Heretic

    Ok, top this. Uranium, whiskey, rattlesnake, stolen car and a gun...

    Couple arrested for driving stolen car filled with uranium, a rattlesnake and whiskey: "There's quite a few unanswered questions"
  3. SnapShot

    CZ PCR 75D options

    Been looking through the holster link, but getting frustrated. Looking for a OWB 4 0clock right hand FBI Cant style pancake leather holster, and matching mag holder. any ideas?
  4. Honor

    Looking for a gunsmith in Vancouver who is a detail oriented perfectionist

    I have an issue with an AR that involves either a canted front sight or barrel nut that isn't indexed correctly (or both). I want to install a handguard with a picatinny rail that will abut up to the rail on the upper to make one continuous rail and need everythig to come together and match up...
  5. PNWguy

    Who carries at work (non-LEO)?

    I do not. I work in our corporate headquarters and firearms are not allowed in company buildings or vehicles and being caught with one would be instant termination. In fact, I would be the guy they call to walk you out to your car with your box of personal items. I wear dress slacks, dress...
  6. TTSX

    Where's the work ethic?

    Been noticing more and more how rare it is to work with people who think of their coworkers as a team working toward the same goal. It always sounds like when extra shifts are required, or there's a need for someone to go above and beyond, everyone scatters like roaches when the light comes on...
  7. American123

    1639 and warranty work, question

    Hopefully it gets struck down for the unconstitutional BS that it is, but a question I had is: If you own firearms, bought them before 1639 went into effect, if they need to be sent back for warranty work, when they return them, have to be transferred through an FFL. Would that mean that to...
  8. Bealzybub

    I need some metal lathe work done

    Anyone got a little metal lathe that can do a little compensated work for me? Prolly a half hour at most.
  9. SA Shooter

    Looking For Work

    Retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm bored and wanting to re-engage with the workaday world. I spent a little time working the pumps at Jackson's a while back but it certainly wasn't what I'd like to be doing on a long-term basis. Willing to take on part time, full time or consulting...
  10. Fieryotaku

    Having trouble with a time frame a business gave me.

    I went to a business which shall be left unnamed and dropped off 2 firearms for work one was a laser stipple and the other was a cerakote job. I was told 1-1.5 weeks for the stipple and 4-6 for the cerakote. I am now 3 weeks in on the stipple job and so far they haven't even gotten to the...
  11. B

    AK-47 front sight work in WA

    Is there anyone in the WA area who can press a new front sight onto my AK47? The slots are already drilled for the pins but the original sight came loose from firing the firearm and so I took it off and tossed it because I was going red-dot.But now I want to go back to iron sights.
  12. Haftard

    Looking to get aome leather work done

    Im in need of a few holsters,wallet,belt,and,gun slings...
  13. osprey

    Western Wa Smith for ar10 barrel ext work

    I have a 308 AR barrel that I believe has a extension that has the feed ramps cut wrong. It jams tips of bullets into breech and will not chamber round. I have tried different combos of mags uppers and lowers and have come to the conclusion it is the extension itself. I am looking for a Smith...
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