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  1. The Heretic

    Install Northwest firearms icon??

    Why is there a download icon in my Chrome address bar, when I am here on the forum? When I hover over it, it says "Install Northwest Firearms". Install what? Is this a PWA?
  2. 10der

    New update to Northwest forums

    New up date with 100% posts flooding in. I am wondering the responses on all this new activity. after your response please post if you believe it will continue?
  3. Joe Link

    Update  Major Software Update - Wednesday, March 31st @ 4AM PST

    This is the big update you're all tired of hearing about, receiving conversations about, taking surveys about, etc. for the past year and a half. Ironically, if everything goes as planned you won't notice much of a difference :s0112: I'll close the site and begin the update on Monday, March...
  4. ATCclears

    On drought, the Southwest, and alternate locations if leaving the Northwest

    I like the terrain and idea of moving to an arid climate, but this is a long-term concern. Perhaps 25 years ago (before global warming and climate change became in vogue...) I read an article predicting a slow, long-term aridification of the US Southwest. The article hypothesized that what we...
  5. Joe Link

    Feedback Request  New version of Northwest Firearms, what do you think?

    I've been working on the next version of Northwest Firearms for well over a year now, a huge update including a completely re-written front-end and redevelopment of many popular features (classifieds being the big one, finally!). I'm happy to report that we're very close to the update here...
  6. Joe Link

    Feedback Request  Supporting Members, how many of you use Bitcoin? Should Northwest Firearms accept it?

    We've had a number of requests to accept Bitcoin (and other altcoins) over the years. This past month we've received several, all citing the anti-gun nature of most payment processors (such as PayPal and Stripe, both of which we rely on), and the possibility of them cancelling our accounts at...
  7. C

    Hello from Tennessee! [That's in the northwest isn't it?]

    Geography aside, howdy ya'll! Got myself retired a couple of years ago. Started in Colorado, back in the cowboys and Indians days, then New Mexico, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." And now retired in Tennessee. Just beautiful. About an hour away from Nashville so the...
  8. Sixsa

    Northwest Firearms might as well be renamed to Oregon Firearms.

    Maybe the majority of people in Washington are all on WaGuns. It seems like almost everyone that I see post lives in Oregon, specifically the Portland, Beaverton, and Hillsboro areas. If I see a Washington profile, 10 dollars says that you live in Vancouver. It sounds like I'm whining over...
  9. CaptJack

    New guy to Northwest Firearms - NOT

    Well I've been on the board for a few years. Bought and sold, posted my opinions. And today, I just realized I never did a formal introduction email...... Here goes. Moved to this area in 1993 in my final 2 tours in the navy (Navcomtelsta Puget Sound 93-97 and 97-2001 USS Carl Vinson) retired in...
  10. E

    Is Northwest shot still open in Phoenix Oregon?

    Anyone know if they are still open and making shot? I know the EPA wanted to shut them down back in 2015... and the guy was getting old. I called the # / no answer... hoping someone where would know?
  11. Joe Link

    Announcement  The Future of Northwest Firearms

    This message was sent to our members on August 31st, 2020. It is posted here for reference. If you have any questions, please contact @Joe Link. ============ For better or worse, Northwest Firearms has been my life's work. Watching this grow from a spur of the moment idea to a thriving...
  12. L

    Guide for Northwest OR September Goose Hunting

    Looking for a guide with access to hunting land for the September Canada goose hunting season in the Northwest section of Oregon. For a 1-2 day hunt on the weekend of 9/11 or 9/18. This would be for two first-time goose hunters. Willing to pay above standard rates. Please PM me, thanks!
  13. Joe Link

    Fixed  CenturyLink blocking emails from Northwest Firearms

    It appears that CenturyLink is blocking emails from the domain, causing issues for members using and email addresses. I'll try to simplify what's happening. Our site sends emails for a variety of reasons, replies to watched threads, new...
  14. Joe Link

    Fixed  Northwest Firearms SSL Issues

    We're aware of the SSL issues affecting the site as of this evening and we're working to resolve them ASAP :s0155:
  15. Ironbar

    Ridiculous line at Northwest Armory in Tigard today.

    I headed over to H Mart to pick up some groceries when I decided to park in front of NW Armory to see if they had any ammo. There was one guy standing out front waiting for them to open and I thought, "No big deal." I walked over to H Mart, got my groceries, and by the time I got back the line...
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