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  1. CV-66

    Question  how to get rid of " push notifications. "

    Northwest Firearms would like your permission to enable push notifications. This appears everytime I open the website. If I choose to canx by selecting the "x" the following message ocurrs; We strongly recommend enabling push notifications on this device so that you can be kept up-to-date with...
  2. O

    New on Northwest Firearms; Looking for Shooting Range

    Hi folks, I'm new on the site, thanx to Tim @ TigardPawn! Currently live in Portland, love my Sig P226, kinda like my S&W M&P 9mm. I'm looking to find any indoor shooting ranges as my wife wants to learn how to shoot. I know of one in Hillsboro off of Brookwood. Are there any in Portland? Thanx...
  3. I

    New to the Northwest Firearms

    Hello everyone my name is Izzy. Thanks for allowing me to join. I have a rifle and a shotgun. I am looking for a Springfield .45 with a 4 inch barrel (made before 2000). I am also looking for a Ruger 10/22. Looking forward to enjoying another outdoor activity and meeting new people. I also like...
  4. Joe Link

    Announcement  Northwest Firearms is expanding to cover Montana and Wyoming

    As you know, Northwest Firearms has traditionally catered to gun owners of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho (the "Pacific Northwest", as indicated by our current header image). Over the years I've been asked several times per month to include Montana and Wyoming, with the reasons being that a)...
  5. Joe Link

    New Feature  Northwest Firearms Digest Customizable Email Newsletter

    The Northwest Firearms Digest is an auto-generated email newsletter custom tailored to the preferences of each member. Want to receive a list of new classified ads each day? It can do that. How about a list of the most popular threads only once a month? It can do that too. Options for the digest...
  6. Joe Link

    Announcement  Northwest Firearms V4 Upgrade - Monday, July 15th @ 3AM PST

    I'm happy to announce the tentative date and time of the Northwest Firearms V4 Upgrade is Monday, July 15th, beginning at 3AM PST. While we hope get the site back up and running as soon as possible, it's hard to predict exactly how long the site will be down. If everything goes as planned it...
  7. P

    Pacific Northwest Black Rifles Meet September 21-22 Goldendale Wa.

    This event is for those of you that have those scary black rifles. You know the ones that keep liberals up at night, here is your chance to come out and hang with your like minded brothers. September 21 at the Cerberus range in Goldendale Wa. For those that want to run thru a firearms class on...
  8. P

    Movies filmed in the Northwest?

    I know there have been a bunch of films made in our region over the years, but I stumbled across one last night that I hadn't watched before. It was "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges and made in 1974. Can't believe I'd never seen it before as it featured some...
  9. Joe Link

    Feedback Request  Northwest Firearms Version 4 - Opinions & Feedback

    Edit: We've set a date and time for the upgrade, Monday, July 15th @ 3AM - View the announcement here As some of you have heard, we've been working on the new version of Northwest Firearms for almost two years now. We're getting to the home stretch, meaning we're ready to hear your thoughts and...
  10. ATCclears

    Measles outbreak in Pacific Northwest

    I assume most have seen this, but... Number of confirmed measles cases in Clark County grows to 51 Data point. My Mother-in-law had Measles as a child (before there was a vaccine). She started to go cross-eyed and had to wear an eye patch for a year.
  11. Joe Link

    Northwest Firearms Terms and Definitions

    NORTHWEST FIREARMS TERMS AND DEFINITIONS We get a lot of questions here from new folks asking us about the meaning of various terms pertaining to the website, the software we use, etc. This should help clear things up. Feel free to reply to this thread with suggested additions, perhaps...
  12. W

    Stippling in Northwest OR?

    I am considering stippling my carry gun (Glock 19 gen 3). Any recommendations of someone locally who can do this for a fair price? I could do it myself but would rather pay a pro. I'd also prefer not to spend like $300 on it which is the pricing I seem to be finding... Ideally Northwest OR or...
  13. H

    Hurricane Lane Remments To Hit Pacific Northwest? ...

    Eventually. Where will the weakening hurricane track in the next couple of weeks? Our way? Dunno. It could make a tremendous difference in our immediate future. They usually track South and East.. But this one is very far North. That is all.
  14. DuneHopper

    The Atmosphere of Northwest Firearms - Questions/Concerns

    Looking at the original feedback thread on the atmosphere of Northwest firearms located here The Atmosphere of Northwest Firearms - Changes There also have been several discussions going back to my knowledge to round 2009 or 2010, when I was simply a visitor before I became a member. The first...
  15. parallax

    Northwest Arsenal grand opening july 7th and 8th, springfield Oregon

    86321 College View Rd, Eugene, OR 97405 technically in Eugene but I called it springfield. Shameless plug for the local indoor shooting range. prizes and raffles. yippee.....
  16. K

    I'm not in the Great Northwest ... but I joined anyway!

    I've never been on a forum that is dedicated to a specific area and it intrigued me, so here I am! I'm a member on a few forums and someone at SiGforum mentioned this place so I thought I'd check it out ... I got my start on the GunBroker forums ... that's where I dipped my toe in the water...
  17. Joe Link

    Announcement  Help spread the word with this print-at-home Northwest Firearms flyer!

    Though our community now has over 42,000 members, there are still thousands of Northwest gun owners who've never heard of us. Many of you have been asking if we have something like this available, now we do! We've designed this simple flyer for our members to print at home and post (with...

    Buying/Selling a home in the Portland Metro area? I will donate 10% of my pay to Northwest Firearms!

    I was motivated to advertise on here again after seeing Joe's PM for donations. But this time I thought I'd step it up and donate 10% of the proceeds from every sale to the forum. This forum is how I got introduced to firearms. My first gun was bought from here, and the guy I bought it from...
  19. Joe Link

    New Feature  Northwest Firearms Review System

    WHAT IS THE REVIEW SYSTEM? The Northwest Firearms Review System was created to give Northwest gun owners a central resource for information on firearm-related businesses and organizations of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Our goal here is a resource which will provide all the information one...
  20. Joe Link

    Announcement  Northwest Firearms Fundraising - THANK YOU

    Now that things have died down a bit, and I've had a chance to catch my breath and gather my emotions, I want to give you guys the most sincere thank you I possibly can. There really isn't any way to put into words how appreciative I am that all of you came together and made this happen when we...