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    Pine Cones In My Air Filter?

    Doing some maintenance on my 'New' to me 4Runner and pulled the air filter box to take a peek and I found three pine cones in it !! They are now attacking me for killing them in the woods!
  2. RickM

    WWII era? Army Air Force flight pants

    Have 2 pr of flight pants that my father had. 1 says size 32 on the tag and the other looks about the same size. I would guess dad got these from a Army surplus store to use for elk hunting or steelhead fishing in the 50's as he was a big guy for as long as I've been around and never knew him to...
  3. Rescuecity

    Diana RWS Model 36 .177 Rifle

    Inherited and wanted to sell - Diana RWS Break Barrel Mod 36 .177 Pellet Gun with a Weatherby MARK XXII 4x50 scope.........Rifle seems to be in good shape and in good working order. PM me if you would like more info, photos or videos sent your way I am not sure if and what the market is like...
  4. A

    N95 Masks: Let's Clear The Air.

    There has been a lot of false info going around claiming that N95 masks are not effective for protecting the wearer of the mask. It is being suggested that the mask is intended to prevent those wearing the mask from contaminating others. This is a complete load of digested grass when it comes to...
  5. clearconscience

    Air Force Vet and his Rolex on antique roadshow This is awesome, and I love his reaction
  6. UnionMillsNW

    Vintage German Air Pistol

    Hey Folks, I have a vintage HS (Herbert Schmidt) .177 caliber "GAT" air pistol. Made in Germany. This unique pistol is loaded by compressing the barrel, unscrewing the breach, loading a pellet, closing the breach, and then firing! It's really a lot of fun. I inherited it from the original...
  7. clearconscience

    Other State  CA- 9yo finds gun in Air B&B, left by a LEO

    Tells us again Liberals why police are the only ones trained enough to have firearms?!
  8. DB is Here

    Other State  Gun policy change at Offutt Air Force Base sparks controversy
  9. H

    GAMO Sporter 500 Air Rifle

    .177 cal, 760fps, beautiful real walnut stock. Comes with BSA Scope.
  10. J

    Crosman .177 CH2009 Competition Air Rifle (SOLD)

  11. CountryGent

    Can you identify this 19th century air gun?

    So, I have been watching an episode of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Jeremy Brett, in which one of Moriarty's henchmen attempts to assassinate the fictional detective with an air gun. Does anyone know if this is a real arm or simply a prop? All the other firearms in that show...
  12. 3

    Berkley Air IM8 1 PC A92-7-9HB Casting Rod, New

    This is brand new with tags, etc. Air IM8 1 pc 7’ 9” Heavy Casting 15-50 lb. 1/2 - 4 Not interested in trades and cash only. Best method of contact is text 503-830-7818.