Inflammatory myopathy (inflammatory muscle disease or myositis) is disease featuring weakness and inflammation of muscles and (in some types) muscle pain. The cause of much inflammatory myopathy is unknown (idiopathic), and such cases are classified according to their symptoms and signs and electromyography, MRI and laboratory findings. It can also be associated with underlying cancer. The main classes of idiopathic inflammatory myopathy are polymyositis (PM), dermatomyositis (DM), and inclusion-body myositis (IBM).

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  1. Stomper

    American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-2A

    I saved this from an article that I read in 2015.... it’s even more appropriate today with the ever growing 2A Sanctuary movement. It’s worth another read.... remember, you are NOT alone. American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun...
  2. bentoncity

    National  Say what?

    Just when you think you've seen/read it all, along comes a letter like this one below. This letter showed up today in the Letters to the Editor. Not surprising since the paper is anti-2A. I'll leave the writers name out. I submitted a rebuttal but IF it gets printed, I'd be amazed. On a side...
  3. User 1234

    National  Vote “strongly disagree” on anti-2A poll

    New Zealand attacks unite government on gun control. America stands divided.
  4. winterveil

    Oregon  Anti-2A billboard Ads are up

    I live in Southeast Portland. I was out running some errands today and noticed a billboard showing a sad looking kid and citing statistics about the number of kids killed or injured per day because of unlocked guns. Of course it plays on emotions and doesn't address causes or solutions, like...
  5. S

    MeatEater is going anti-2A

    Anti-Gunner's 'MeatEater' Purchase Poses Problems For Hunt-Focused Biz MeatEater, a popular hunter-focused entertainment company started by outdoorsman and writer Steven Rinella, was purchased by a rabidly anti-gun Democrat financier late last year in a move that has raised alarms among...
  6. S

    Another Anti-2A business pushing agenda on customers

    Probably no surprise here with these guys... But as i have bought for my wife from them before, I am on the email list. Just got this gem in my inbox... Thats Toms Shoes.... Their 'End Gun Violence Together' campaign is front and center on their website too. Plan...
  7. awshoot

    Other State  Louisiana prohibits Anti-2A banks from $600M Highway Project

    Louisiana bars banks from $600M deal because of gun policies LOL. Citgroup and BofA won't be allowed to finance interstate highway projects in Louisiana because of their retrograde 2A policies. Want to see more of this elsewhere.
  8. arakboss

    Short But Sweet Sign Ideas for Pro2a Candidates or Against Anti-2A Candidates.

    Should campaign signs be positive for pro2a candidates or negative against anti-2a candidates? And what types of messages should be relayed? Any one care to share some sign ideas with very short messages?
  9. Stomper

    Gun Owners Are Saying, “Screw You” To Anti-2A Forces

    Here is an article written back on July 29, 2015 that’s still very relevant by Kurt Schlichter who is a trial lawyer in Los Angeles, California. A retired U.S. Army infantry colonel, he is the author of Conservative Insurgency: The Struggle to Take America Back 2009-2041.... Link to the...
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