Good Lordy, fire bad...
Not 1/2 mile from my house, a homeowner who had recently cut many trees down for his retirement fund may loose it because he caused a 2 acre fire today!!!
Fire crews were battling it this afternoon and say that they have it contained.
I will sleep lightly tonight...

lightning is the only natural fire.....there has been none. Transient
ODF Team2 enrout . Burning in an old fire scare in really tough ground , but its not a fed fire so it will be caught and mopped with in the next two weeks.....likely one.
There are no other major fires going so the will be no competition for resources.......the fire has its pick of resources and a lot of them .
The Rogue Valley is full of smoke. I find it hard to understand why a 7 acre fire on I5 cannot be contained before it gets totally ridiculous in size.

Your guess is as good as mine, amigo. The wife just read to me the latest. The fire is moving south and threatening some of the smaller communities, like Azalea, now.

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