Jewish Renewal (Hebrew: התחדשות יהודית‎‎), is a recent movement in Judaism which endeavors to reinvigorate modern Judaism with Kabbalistic, Hasidic, and musical practices. Specifically, it seeks to reintroduce the "ancient Judaic traditions of mysticism and meditation, gender equality and ecstatic prayer" to synagogue services. It is distinct from the Baal Teshuva movement of return to Orthodox Judaism.

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  1. D

    Your CPL Renewal And Your Sheriff

    My Washington CPL recently expired and I do not plan to renew it. Asking for permission to exercise my rights from an anti constitution sheriff seems to me to be inviting future tyranny and weakening of our rights. I am a proponent of nonviolent solutions and carry a gun only for self defense as...
  2. Brutus57

    Could be a new record on renewal in Wa.

    Just renewed my WA license to carry. Application for renewal 7 days ago, approved 3rd day after app. Received here in the SOJ 7 days later. You just gotta love those rural Washington county Sheriffs! :cool: Brutus Out
  3. RicInOR

    International  Canada- Grace Period -vs- Jail for late FA license renewal

    I would have put CA in headline, but you'd all mistake that for CA wouldn't you. Good news for our Canadian readers Gun owners to get 6-month grace period when licence expires Canada's gun-owners will no longer have to worry about facing a jail term if they are a few days or week late in...
  4. etrain16

    WA CPL Question - Renewal and Laminating?

    I've got my non-resident WA CPL. I'm coming up on my first expiration next April and I was wondering - will they contact me to renew? Would I have to do it in person? Next question - I know some folks have talked about getting the card laminated. Does WA still used those oversized paper...
  5. etrain16

    Does a CHL Count as ID if....

    I am renewing my OR ODL? My ODL is up in March and I have to go in to renew. Now, I find this a bit odd, but I am required to bring in a piece of ID to prove I'm a citizen. While I'm glad they are verifying this, I have to wonder, this license, which I've had since 1985 and renewed several times...
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