(Opposition to Washington State Initiative 1639 – Commissioner Small
On March 12, 2019, a group of constituents came before the Commissioners to discuss their opposition to and urge the Commissioners to consider passing a resolution showing their support in opposing Initiative 1639. In response to this request, a resolution has been drafted to recognize the right of citizens of Benton County to self-defense with the legal and constitutional right to lawfully purchase, own and possess firearms as permitted under the federal and state constitutions. Commissioner Delvin moved to approve the resolution as presented, Commissioner Beaver seconded. Motion passed.) (Passed on April 2, 2019)

More symbolic then anything but still nice. Plus our County Sheriff has spoken against 1639 as well. To bad the MSM continues to eschew the garbage about weapons & is willing to forego citizens 2A rights. It's a wonder the MSM hasn't rallied to give up their 1st amendment rights..


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