1. ajberube

    willing to trade federal 5.56 factory ammo for primers

    looking for SPP , LPP , and SRP . located in kent WA

    Springfield Armory XDS 9mm trade for Glock 43X with Rail

    As the title reads. Some light scuffing on the slide from in and out of the holster comes with everything pictured, minus the freedom seeds and original Springfield box. Will take reasonable cash offers.
  3. C

    WTB or Trade for 9mm Makarov (9x18)

    Want to buy some makarov ammo, willing to discuss on price. If you want to trade, I have 7.62 tokarev ammo, .22lr, 8mm mauser, and some 7.62x39
  4. S

    Trade 10mm for 9mm

    I have two boxes of Hornady Critical Duty 10mm 175 grain FlexLock ammo, 20 rounds each. I would like to trade them 1:1 for 9mm defensive rounds. - Scott
  5. Alex Danielson

    CCI 350/Large Pistol Mag Primers for Trade

    1000/full brick of CCI 350 primers. Trade for any kind of small primers 1:1 trade Meet somewhere around Wilsonville/Tualatin area No shipping, no cash sales
  6. tomcat

    22LR bulk trade for 22LR Hollowpoint or 17hmr

    Three New 800ct bricks looking to trade for hollow points will add cash or trade for less ammo
  7. L

    762X54R for sale or trade (trade pending)

    65 rounds on Mosin clips ball ammo brass case 60 rounds soft tip hunting ammo by Wolf 85 rounds of ball ammo of unknown manufacturers Total of 210 rounds sold as a package for $150 in small bills For sale in Albany, I really don't like driving as I got old one day. Lol won't ship ammo...
  8. Asavage270

    Trade CCI Mini Mags for 10mm

    Would like to trade 200 rounds of CCI Mini Mags for a 50 round box of 10mm. Would like up to 400 rounds of 10mm can also trade .308 or 9mm for your 10mm
  9. B

    CCI 350# Large Pistol Magnum Primers for Trade

    I have two boxes 1k quantity each of CCI 350 large pistol magnum primers for trade. I'm mainly looking for Small pistol primers 1:1 trade. I might also be interested in trading primers for certain powders (Tac, W231, HP38 etc.). I would prefer not to sell them. Preference will be given to...
  10. jeepguy88

    Powders for trade

    I need some Ramshot Magnum or Hodgdon 4350. I also need some .308 diameter 225gr ELD Match. Or 212ELDX bullets. I would prefer to trade but if your desperate for powders let me know. These are new sealed: Accurate 4350 Accurate 1680 *I believe the 4350 was part of the recall? Says to fill with...
  11. badam870

    G43X Trade

    Have 2 Posting one for trade to see what’s out there Pm me trade offers Has talon grips, and all factory stuff. Fired one mag
  12. J

    Powder for trade

    I would like to trade powder for powder. In person trade. 1lb H380 1lb hybrid 100v 1lb ramshot hunter. All are new unopened bought in the last 6 months. I am wanting CFE223, Winchester 748, BL-C (2), TAC.
  13. R

    Ammo, Powder, Primers, & Dies.

    I live near Kooskia, Idaho. Depending on distance, and desirability of trade, I will meet you somewhere. I travel occasionally to the Spokane area. Also, to the Grangeville, Lewiston, Clarkson, & Moscow area. I rarely go towards Missoula, but would for the right deal. This is all in regards...
  14. I

    30-30 ammo

    i have 100 rds of cheap 9mm fmj and 40 rds of 300 win mag
  15. O

    case of 5.56 for ??

    I have a case of 5.56 in 55 grain. Looking to trade it for something rather than gouge and ask for cash. Would prefer a really nice AR 15, AR 10, a hunting rifle in 26 Nosler 28 Nosler or .300 WSM. Would also entertain package deals on multiple lower value units like a Ruger Mk II or Mk IV. I’m...
  16. M

    reloading powder

    Have new still factory sealed bolt carrier for 8lb of h1000/4831/rl19/imr 4350/rl22/rl17 or? will take a mix but a min of 2lb ea. Powders for my 300 wm
  17. erbrad

    1000 Winchester small rifle primers for 1000 small pistol primers.

    This will only be a trade option only. I will not mail this product out. We have to meet up to make the trade.
  18. matts

    .257" bullets sell or trade for .224"

    26 ct speer 120 grain spitzer 12 ct 100 grain spitzer 62ct 90 grain bthp
  19. G

    380 auto for sale/trade

    I have 300+ rounds of Winchester white box and federal brass im looking to trade. Looking for 308/762x51 223/556 45 acp Let me know what you have. Thanks
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