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  1. OdinXcore

    Would this fall under the NFA as an AOW?

    I found this and I was wondering if anyone has heard of this, or have any insight on if this falls under the NFA as an Any Other Weapon? It is the Fab Defense GFM G magazine baseplate with a pushbutton to attach to a pic-rail. I was thinking about getting a Flux Flashmag Rail as a magazine...
  2. safrole


    I have a 300 blackout at pistol with a sb3a brace. If I remove my muzzle break and fully extend my brace I’m just over 26 inches. Can I put a vertical foregrip on this gun without doing paperwork ?
  3. L

    "blackpowder muzzleloading AOW?

    Not soliciting legal advice, but am wondering if a electronically actuated blackpowder muzzleloading "Cellphone gun" is legally defined as a AOW? It came up in conversion with my father and NFA documentation was somewhat opaque on the specific manner.
  4. Will_White

    How much does it cost to build an AOW?

    For someone with the proper licenses, how much does it cost to build an AOW? Is it still $200?
  5. The Heretic

    AOW video - legal definitions

  6. NoLimePlease

    Carrying NFA items across state lines

    Hello guys. I am curious about the real world application of the law regarding transportation of NFA items such as silencers and short barreled rifles across state lines. I have my stamps on both now, a silencer and a SBR. I live on the south end of the Glen Jackson, and my favorite place to go...
  7. CountryGent

    Your NFA Smoothbores?

    I thought it might be neat to have a picture thread dedicated to registered NFA smoothbores. There are shotgun, or shotgun-like, items that fall into the SBS, AOW, and DD classifications. I'll get us started ... Top is a SxS Coach Gun with an 11" barrel. The bottom is the Serbu Super...
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