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  1. NU9MM

    Apex Trigger are they worth it?

    Ok M&P folks just a curious question. Does the Apex tigger make that much difference. Also I’ve read the a really solid trigger job make a big improvement on the M&P triggers. Ive heard the trigger jobs is polishing and cleaning up the trigger components. Thank you.
  2. W

    Are all 1913 scope rings made exclusively for picatinny rails?

    I bought a Maven RS.1 scope bundle on sale. Came with Warne 7214M rings. (Are they picatinny only??) I want a weaver-style base because the picatinny looks like dogbubblegum on a Browning BAR MkII Safari w/BOSS. Predicament: find a weaver-style base for the Warne rings or return the rings?
  3. 91A PE

    Saving your neighbor's property. Kyle, Greg, Travis, and Roddie - which one are you?

    Which one of these heroes are you? What lengths will you go to to defend your neighbor's property? Who will you encourage to come along for your adventures? Asking for me and for friends in Laurelhurst.
  4. arakboss

    Oh Tiffany, No Wonder You Are Alone Now.

    https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/singer-tiffany-swears-concergoers-viral-video-i-think-were-alone-now.amp P.S. please don't do another Playboy shoot.
  5. C

    How Are Unemployed People Affording This Lavish Lifestyle?

    It's no coincidence that there are more unemployed people now, than from 2 years ago, before COVID. I'm willing to bet my 7 figures net worth, that ATLEAST 50% of the people in this state are unemployed. Not sure about other states, since I only live in Oregon. There are MANY indicators that my...
  6. T

    Looks like all rain for the second season in the Blues for Elk. Usually they are bedded down...

    Making the trip for 7 days hunting elk in the rain would likely be a waist of time? What do you think? Can't image packing one out in the rain? Ideas? Hunting the Starkey Unit. What do you think? Stay home or go? Thanks....
  7. PaulF

    Whats up with this Ammo?🤔

    Just saw this story on KEZI.com https://www.kezi.com/content/news/Three-felons-arrested-after-Springfield-police-chase-575624641.html So these 3 D- bags are unfortunately in Jail getting free meals, learning from other criminals, how to select helpless victims, and be all around bigger scum...
  8. mobil890

    Are Primers really unavailable?

    We all have seen bricks of primers for sale at crazy prices, where are they getting them? The small gun stores/ammo store are able to get primers before the general public. They are hoarding them and only selling to their best customers who are posting primers at crazy prices per brick. If this...
  9. task1

    Are these old shotgun shells worth anything?

    I was given a box full of old shotgun shells are they worth anything or should I just load em up and shoot them. Thanks for any information. Scott
  10. The Heretic

    "Portland officials are rolling out a novel strategy to curb gun violence: traffic barrels."

    https://www.koin.com/news/portland/hardesty-barrels-to-calm-portland-high-speed-shootings/ :s0113: Isn't this just typical? In a statement, Hardesty admitted there is “no simple solution” to the shooting spike recorded here and nationwide. But we'll try one anyway.
  11. Ironbar

    Where the hell are all the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 magazines????

    It seems there's not a single mag to be had anywhere except on scam sites. Does anyone know where to buy any from a legit source??
  12. arakboss

    Perps are gonna perp.

  13. PORSCHE928S4


    Good lawd you can find HK stuff but why are Hk usp 45 12 round mags so hard to find ? I can find vp9 mags all day long as well as the Usp 40 and 9 but the 45 nooooooooooo !
  14. arakboss

    Oregon  How Will You Handle Your Firearm Collection If IP 17 & 18 Are Approved By Voters?

    They have until July of 2022 to collect signatures.
  15. Lennie

    Chicago Two men are beaten and robbed in the middle of State Street as people walk by, drive past, and twerk up a storm

  16. 40Garand

    Kudos are in order beyond a Thumbs Up in the Feedback section.

    Some NF forum members who have transacted with me in the past may attest that I probably do a little more selling than gun buying here in the classifieds but my running joke is always "Sell 1 buy 3". :D I've also done some multi gun trades with members. Back in February I ended up in a...
  17. arakboss

    If AR upper receivers are classified as firearm, where will prices go? New and used?

    If the new proposed definition of receiver and frame is put in the books what will happen to AR upper receiver prices. Currently they can be bought stripped for around $50 to $100. If a background check is required for them that would add $25 to $50 in fees. Do you think demand for them will...
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