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  1. GavinCayan

    Winchester 101

    Winchester 101 pigeon grade 12ga sk/sk marked barrel (skeet) functions flawlessly I put about 50 rounds through it, previous owner said he never shot it. Will post pictures soon $1300, will consider trades
  2. The Heretic

    Mossberg Maverick 12ga $160

  3. E

    WTS OR  Browning Citori CX Over/Under 12GA

    Gone please delete. Selling a like new Browning CX 12GA Shotgun Over/ Under 30 inch barrels all the stuff that came with it but no box didn't survive. There is been less than 2 boxes of shells through it closer to one though. 1800.00 new selling for $1300.00 OBO no trades or shipping on...
  4. L

    Pre-Ban Benelli M1 Super 90 12ga HK import

    For Sale: Pre-Ban Benelli M1 Super 90 12ga HK import. This is a BC date code 1993 gun so its a pre-ban. Ghost ring sights, 7 shot tube and a side loader. The barrel is threaded for chokes. Great starter semi auto shotgun for 3 gun competitions. The gun is in great condition. $800 No Trades.
  5. PJacques

    WTS OR  Boyds At-One Remington 870 12ga Furniture

    Boyds adjustable comb and length of pull furniture for a Remington 870. Need a gun that's adjustable for anyone? LOP is adjustable from about 13.5" to about 14.5" with the push of a button which covers almost everyone. Qualty stuff and will make an old gun look new and custom. Obviously gun not...
  6. B

    WTS OR  Mossberg 12g shockwave stippled grip !

    Picked this up in a trade but really don’t need it .. $240 buyer pays xfer Beaverton . Unknown round count but looks very low .. I never shot it .
  7. Q

    Mossberg Shockwave 12ga with Pistol Brace

    I’ve got a mossberg shockwave with pistol brace (+original birds head grip),accessory rail, mini shell adapter, 3pt sling, and 4 mostly fill boxes of buck shot and slugs. Not even a box of shells through it. 425$ I’ll pay transfer fees for full price offer at my FFL. Price is OBO
  8. F

    Stoeger Coach Gun SxS 12ga 20"

    I have a Stoeger Coach Gun for sale in 12 gauge with 20" barrels. One barrel is a Modified choke, one barrel is an Improved Cylinder choke and has two triggers. Very few rounds fired (less than 20), walnut stock, blued metal, gel-lined leather butt pad. $400, buyer pays transfer.
  9. B

    WTS OR  RTF copper matrix 12 g frangible 10 boxes

    Cleaning house a little $25 for 10 boxes ( 50 rnds ) Must have for all major league door kickers and the like .. 26 / beaverton
  10. M

    WTB WA  Ithaca/SKB double barrel 12ga

    I want an ithaca/SKB 100, 200 or other SKB single trigger 12ga.
  11. T

    Benelli Cordoba 12-Gauge (Mint Condition)

    ***Price Drop*** This Benelli Cordoba is in mint condition. I've never hunted with it. Maybe a hundred rounds through it. Sale Price: $1,400. Trade value: $1,900. As you can see, this shotgun does not really fit in with my tactical collection and I already own an M4 Tactical. Looking to trade...
  12. snarlingdog

    WTS OR  Remington 1100 12ga

    Very clean and fun 1100. 2 3/4 shells only fixed choke. Just making room in the safe. Asking $300.
  13. mike1281

    WTS OR  Stevens 820b older slam fire capable 12g shotgun

    Fun old shotgun, Point it safely down range, hold down the trigger and start pumping. Functions just fine, never had a problem with it. In fair condition, no cracks in the wood that I can see. Adjustable choke on the end of the barrel still works. Just time to clear up some space and this one...
  14. Sellingmyguns

    WTS OR  Mossberg 500 12ga - Nice Custom

    Here is another Mossberg 500 I had in my safe. This one I purchased off the wall of the range I used to belong to. It was used and was a trade in item. It had just come in that morning and I grabbed it right away when I walked in. Two other people were "eyeing/thinking" about it but I pulled the...
  15. Sellingmyguns

    Mossberg 500 Persuader 12g

    This shotgun has been shot once (I believe 5 rounds) after I first bought it new. Another one that just sits in the safe and has not been fired/used. Many extras on this one, I bought it that way from a dealer on Gunbroker. Nothing else to really say about this one, what you see in the pictures...
  16. G

    Winchester 1300 12ga

    Beautiful authentic walnut stock and a 28" ventilated rib barrel with 3 winchokes and wrench. Receiver is factory drilled for optics. Also comes with new in package ATI 8 round magazine extension ( that alone retails for about $42) $225
  17. Ron G

    WTS WA  CZ 12ga Drake Over/under

  18. F

    WTS OR  Winchester Model 23 12ga SxS

    This Pigeon grade model 23 belongs to a friend who bought it new and put less than 2 boxes of shells through it at the trap range. It has a 28" barrels with IC and modified fixed chokes. He had spacers installed to lengthen the stock but the stock was not cut and the orginal recoil pad is...
  19. P


    Would love to find one of these email or text 253-242-0588 Thanks