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  1. O

    WTS OR  Heinie 391 tritium supressor height sights for HK USP Full Size

    Heinie 391 Supressor Height Night Sights for your H&K USP Full Size. Brand New In Package, Never Opened. $89 Shipped PayPal discreet or add 4% for G&S
  2. slimmer13

    Other State  VA mass shooting

    At least 11 deaths and 6 injuries at Virginia Beach municipal complex, police say; shooter also dead: reports
  3. djharteloo

    WTS WA  Heinie glock 20/21 supressor ledged night sights $75

    Came on my glock 20, not really my style, replaced them with different night sights. Very bright, good sight picture, removed by a professional. $60 face to face in the Portland metro area.
  4. Genetics

    Sub 2000 Gen 2 (Help)

    Hey Guys, I recently picked up this little carbine & everything runs flawlessly (so far) but I can't stand having my cheek pressed to the receiver tube while the bolt slams every round. I've decided to do away with iron sights altogether but after removing the stock iron sights I'm left with...
  5. NoLimePlease

    Carrying NFA items across state lines

    Hello guys. I am curious about the real world application of the law regarding transportation of NFA items such as silencers and short barreled rifles across state lines. I have my stamps on both now, a silencer and a SBR. I live on the south end of the Glen Jackson, and my favorite place to go...
  6. RicInOR

    OSS Supressor - is this a real thing?

    Flow Through Suppressor Insane NEW baffle-free suppressor is as badass as it looks About 3:20 in for demo Is this a real thing?
  7. ducrider

    Want to buy my first supressor

    I am currently looking at an AAC m4-2000 and a griffin armament recce 5, i know the acc 51t might be a little outdated but I have talked with a few people that says it still works fine, the griffin has a taper mount, I don't have any real word experience with any but have shot some supressors...
  8. dirtyd

    Barrel threading in Western WA

    Hey all, So I searched the forum and found another barrel threading thread in the Seattle area but 2 of the 3 smiths that were recommended do not do barrel threading and the thirds contact information seems to be bad. I live in the Bothell area but am fine with anything in the...