QUICK Corp. (株式会社QUICK) is a financial market information vendor headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1971 as Quotation Information Center K.K. (株式会社市況情報センター), and changed its corporate name to the acronym "QUICK" in 1987. QUICK has four offices in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka) as well as overseas offices in London and Hong Kong.

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  1. Tony617

    Quick question on the AK-47 gas piston

    I have question on the AK-47 gas piston. With my M14 you keep the gas piston and cylinder dry. Is it the same for AK-47 to keep it dry as well? What about the gas cylinder too? Just using CLP to cleaning and lubing right now. Thank you.
  2. Whisky Tahoe

    Quick List of Portland/Vancouver Shooting Ranges

    Here's a quick list of places and links not including trap ranges (yet). If your favorite isn't listed let us know. Listed North to South sort of... Vancouver Rifle & Pistol Club, Indoor, Membership: vancouverrifle.com Clark County Gun Club aka English Pit, Outdoor, Public: Clark County Gun...
  3. M

    Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper -- Quick Overview

    I decided to go ahead and do a quick overview of the New Frankford IntelliDropper. I only published this because a few friends asked me for the video. I did not do a complete review demonstrating every single feature, I am exchanging emails with Frankford asking if the drifting that I am seeing...
  4. R

    Quick Trip Behind Enemy Lines (CA)

    Moved to ID 1st of November and had to give up my California CCW license. Now I'm driving back to CA for a few days' testing with various firearms and being unarmed is going to feel strange. I've got a lock box and I'll keep an unloaded handgun next to a loaded mag on the passenger seat, but...
  5. ducrider

    Quick question about selling

    I have a gun I’m selling and an out of state dealer wants to buy it, do I still have to go through my ffl and have them ship it or can I ship straight to the dealer
  6. U

    quick question... Processing elk (hopefully)

    Just a quick question... How much butcher paper and clear wrap do I need? I hunted white tails and processed a lot of deer, but it was one deer at a time, and I used a vacuum sealer. How many and what size rolls? Thanks NW in advance!
  7. unionguy

    Beretta Nano quick ?

    does anyone know how much height the 8-round extended mag adds? I can't find it anywhere online. thanks!
  8. uberguy

    Help ... 9mm AR/BCG quick 5 min. loaner (Seattle area)

    Not sure if this is the right forum - looking to take 5 minutes or less to try someone's 9mm BCG in my AR to see if my BCG is bad from the factory...preferably somewhere on the I90/405 east corridor. I purchased new as pieces a 9mm upper/lower and (KAW Valley) BCG, for a Glock/mag setup. The...
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