Production may be: Film In Economics:
Production (economics)
Outline of industrial organization, the act of making products (goods and services)
Production, the act of manufacturing goods
Production as statistic, gross domestic product
A Production line
In Ecology:
Primary production, the production of new biomass by autotrophs in ecosystems
Productivity (ecology), the wider concept of biomass production in ecosystems
In Entertainment:
Production, phase of filmmaking
Production, film distributor of a company
Production, phase of video games development
Production, category of illusory magic trick
Production, theatrical performance
Production, video production
Production, music production
In Abstract systems:
Production (computer science), formal-grammar concept
Production system, programming method

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  1. Linn Benton Community College - Ending Horticulture & Crop Production degrees/transfers

    Starting soon, there will no longer be an opportunity for those wishing to pursue a Hort/Crop degree at Linn Benton CC here in Albany OR. There will be no transfer degrees. Nope.... Due to budget issues, LBCC has decided that axing these programs and actually the entire department was the...
  2. BigGame

    Faster twist rate in production hunting rifle?

    Are you aware of production, bolt-action hunting rifles that come with a faster-than-standard twist rate in the barrel? For example, 1:8" in a 7mm barrel, rather than the standard 1:9.5"? I'm aware of two: the Barrett Fieldcraft and the Browning X-Bolt Pro Long Range. If you know of others...
  3. Certaindeaf

    The Browning Hi-Power

    It is so often people/posters post of abc plastic styles. O the joy and perhaps God bless their gob. whatever. A two pound even hunk a Moses might just do you. never know now
  4. P

    New production wasr

    I am going to save up and get a wasr since it sounds like most problems of QC have been fixed in their new production versions. If i am shopping around online and find a good deal on one from a gun store, how can i tell its a new production and not just an old production pos just floating...
  5. mcfoto

    Start shooting Limited or learn to count to ten?

    Hi all, Looking at my calendar, it's looking like I shot my last match of the year last Saturday which is giving me some time off to reflect and re-tune. Since my first USPSA match in September of last year, I've been shooting Production with my XDm. While I continue to improve, there are still...
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