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  1. C

    Personal body armor rigs and plans

    These three are what I currently have; Clockwise from top left; BAE/SDS Eclipse Releasable Body Armor Vest (RBAV) in Khaki, and size XL with XL ESAPI plates, no soft armor but foam panels cut in SPEAR/BALCS (SOF/Special operations force Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements /Body Armor Load...
  2. The Heretic

    Hmmm..., Police find rifle (SBR), body armor, gas mask, etc., in car after traffic stop in SE Portland

  3. B

    Ceramic body armor, does it really "expire"?

    Stored in a bin, cool dry place. I bought some extras since this is a potential ban item and illegal in some states already. What I've read online says no. Anyone know any different and have a credible source to back it up?
  4. The Just

    Body armor at the range

    Went to the public range today in Northern Idaho w my nephew & GF. Wore my soft armor over my shirt. Went to the 100 range for Saturday plinking. A RSO teaching a conceal carry class bumbled through the bench area as we were setting up. He called me aside to chat. He said why are you wearing...
  5. Knobgoblin

    Gun show in ocean shores? Any body going?

    Just like the title says, I heard rumors of a gun show in ocean shores currently under way. Anyone been, or going tomorrow? @Caveman Jim ? Heard anything?
  6. C

    Why steel body armor is bad. Bulletsafe video

    Yiikes. At an angle, the spalling is brutal towards the poor watermelon.
  7. F

    Old but good; Texas police officer outgunned by two terrorists wearing body armor

    Good to read this one every once in a while. https://www.police1.com/active-shooter/articles/cop-shares-gunfight-lessons-from-isis-inspired-draw-the-prophet-terrorist-attack-iV5H704a3jD3VAnz/
  8. J

    Auto body repair work?

    Greetings all, I'm wondering if anyone here does auto body work.... 1994 Toyota Hiace van....I need to replace the windshield seals (which I have), likely a windshield (may need to order from Japan), and repair/weld rust along edges before seals can be suitably reinstalled. Portland Metro...
  9. C

    Body armor plate sizes and why they're mostly irrelevant

    So.... these two graphics shows the most common sizes of primary plate sizes available; Now.. these 3 sizes that are right in the middle... SAPI M, 10x12, SAPI L are so very close to each other, that other than the extra height/length of the SAPI plates, there's no real justifiable...
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